‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Can’t Seem To Control His Jealousy — Will This Ruin His Romance With Elizabeth?

It seems that most couples on ABC’s General Hospital don’t stay happy for too long. After all, soaps wouldn’t be the same without a little, or in some cases, a lot of strife thrown into their relationship once in a while. Franco Baldwin has finally won the heart of Elizabeth Webber, but there could be heartbreak for them already in the near future. Does this couple stand a chance against all odds?

There are many General Hospital fans that have grown to love Franco and Elizabeth together, despite the fact that they seemed like quite an unlikely pairing. These two have grown much closer in the past few weeks but according to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, things are starting to become a little more complicated when Franco may not be able to control his jealousy.

He doesn’t seem to like anyone else treading on his territory, so to speak. During the Halloween party on Monday’s episode, Liz came walking in with Jason and this didn’t sit well with Franco. He even got a bit jealous when his lady love spent some time with Griffin Munro as she went over to calm Charlotte down. It seems that he wants Elizabeth all to himself and not wanting to share her with someone else, even her friendships with other men.

Franco has quite a violent past and has hurt many people in Port Charles. Elizabeth is a single mom of three boys who had just lost hope in finding the perfect man for her. She had fallen into the despair of thinking that she had to lie to keep Jason Morgan for herself, while Franco and Nina Reeves had come to a crossroads in their relationship because of Nina’s strong desire to have a baby. Now they have found each other, but it may be ruined before it really begins.

The General Hospital writers had chosen to experiment with Franco and Liz, also known as Friz by their fans, and it has somehow worked. Their chemistry seemed to heat up on screen. It has a lot to do with longtime soap actors Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst as they have convinced viewers that they unexpectedly have what it takes to make their characters an interesting couple. Friz has now become quite a popular pair and fans have loved seeing their romance bloom. Unlike other soap couples, these lovebirds have taken it nice and slow. However, it may go sour fast as Franco is showing his jealous side.

In the previews for Wednesday, it looks like General Hospital is finally reopening, which means that Franco and Elizabeth will be back to work. Dr. Obrecht will be sitting down with Franco to give him some advice. He admits to her that he can’t seem to control his jealousy when it comes to Liz and it may just ruin things for them. Will he be able to keep himself in check before it tears up their new relationship?

According to upcoming spoilers by TV Source Magazine, Liz is expected to receive some kind of news that upsets her and Franco will be there for her. So, it looks like Friz is not over just yet. Elizabeth has come to depend on Franco and he is always there for her no matter what, even if it does seem just a little creepy to some. For as many General Hospital viewers that have come to love this new couple, there are others who are appalled at the idea of these two together. With her having been raped years ago and Franco’s past history and violent tendencies, many have voiced their dismay over pairing them as a romantic couple.

Do you think that Franco and Elizabeth’s relationship is a bad idea or do you love them together?

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