Val Kilmer Says He Does Not Have Cancer, Has Not Seen Michael Douglas In Two Years

Val Kilmer came out to deny that he has throat cancer and added that he has not seen pal, Michael Douglas who claimed his friend was dying of the disease Sunday in two years, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Douglas, 72, had revealed to an audience during a Q and A session in London that his The Ghost and the Darkness co-star was “dealing with exactly what I had” referring to the throat cancer that he battled as well. He had insinuated that Kilmer’s condition was terminal and implored for prayers all round for Val.

“Things don’t look too good…my prayers are with him…that’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.”

However, Val Kilmer responded to Michael Douglas’ comments on Tuesday in a lengthy Facebook post, saying his friend probably thought he had oral cancer because he asked for a referral specialist to diagnose the lump in his throat.

“I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed. The last time I spoke to him was almost two years ago, when I asked him for a referral for a specialist to get a diagnosis for a lump in my throat, which prevented me from continuing a tour of my play CITIZEN TWAIN.”

The 56-year-old actor said he ended up having the diagnosis done at UCLA and no cancer was discovered, but he did have a swollen tongue. The Batman Forever star said it was nothing serious, adding that he has still managed to make three films in the past year and directed a play.

After addressing the cancer claims, Kilmer used the opportunity to also promote his new project, Cinema Twain, calling on people to go see it. The Tombstone actor used the long Facebook post to say he had never felt better, attributing his health and wellness to Christian Science and his love for life and humanity.

“Some fans have mistakenly thought my silence about my personal issues meant that somehow I wasn’t being responsible for my health, because of my reliance on prayer and love…nothing could be further from the truth…I am grateful for all the support from around the world, when people found out I had a physical challenge.”

The actor, who is arguably worth $25 million, refused to slam his friend Michael for peddling wrong information about him, adding that the Romancing the Stone star remained a devoted friend and did not mean any harm.

This is not the first time that Val Kilmer’s health would be drawn into question.

In 2015, he again took to social media to debunk a report that he had a tumor. However, his rep did later come with a statement that the actor was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for a tumor test.

Actor Michael Douglas battled tongue cancer before being declared clean.

The Fatal Attraction star believed that he was going to die and had updated his will, quietly sold his assets, and taken a trip to Bermuda for some soul searching thinking that he was seeing some of his favorite places for the last time. The actor, who is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, had wanted to have his ashes scattered over the sea.

The 72-year-old actor was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2010, but was declared cancer-free in 2011. He had callously revealed in an interview that he probably got cancer after giving oral sex to other women. A statement that humiliated his wife, Douglas later granted an interview where he expressed regret over the insensitive remark.

Zeta-Jones never publicly addressed the controversial statement, preferring to speak on her husband’s diagnosis of the disease. The Welsh actress said that it was difficult for her to see Douglas who had a zest for life become so weak and practically give up on life.

“When I’m married to a man who has such a conviction for life…he fights to make the wrongs right. For the first time, he was fighting for his life…I was a mess. I’ll be quite frank. I was a mess.”

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