'Scandal' Season 6 Premiere Date: Explosive First Teaser Trailer, More Footage Coming On Thursday [Spoilers]

Josh Moorcroft

Whilst Scandal Season 6 won't hit our screens until 2017, that doesn't mean fans won't be able to catch a glimpse of the new season before the year is out. Star Kerry Washington took to Twitter to reveal that Season 6's first full trailer is coming on Thursday, whilst also providing a short snippet of the trailer to wet the appetite of fans. The upcoming trailer is expected to provide a clear idea of the direction in which Scandal will be headed in Season 6 and what's next for Olivia Pope's gladiators.

According to TV Guide, the first teaser trailer for Scandal Season 6 shared by Kerry Washington on Twitter comes in at just ten seconds long, however, it provides a few key glimpses into what's to come in the political thriller's sixth season. For a start, Olivia Pope, played by Washington is seen burying her head into the chest of Fitz, played by Tony Goldwyn. Meanwhile, Abby, played by Darby Stanchfield appears to be in some form of danger, whilst Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz appears to be in an explosive situation.

The new full-length trailer, which will be released tomorrow, is set to fill in some of the gaps in Scandal Season 6's storyline and also provide a glimpse at some of the characters that didn't make an appearance in the aforementioned teaser. At the same time, it's also safe to assume that ABC will use the first full-length trailer to provide a premiere date for the new season, which is expected to be during either the first or second quarter of 2017. The show has previously been pushed back into next year to accommodate Washington's pregnancy.


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According to the International Business Trailer, the full-length trailer could also provide a glimpse of the new characters joining the show in 2017. ABC has already confirmed that Jessalyn Gilsig, best known for her role in Glee will be joining the cast as Jake's wife, who was previously played by Joelle Carter. The character hasn't had all that much of a prominent role in Scandal before, but it will still be interesting to see how writer Shonda Rhimes deals with the change of actress and whether the new actress will have a more prominent role.

Season 5's explosive finale of Scandal saw Mellie and Francisco both reveal their respective running mates. Whilst the former first lady opted for Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley, Vargas pulled off a surprise by picking Fitz's former chief of staff and long-term Republican Cyrus Beene, played by Jeff Perry.

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