Park Bo-gum Redefines Alpha Male, Becomes The New Face Of South Korea

South Korean heartthrob Park Bo-gum is making the headlines for the right reasons. The 23-year-old star, who captivated the audience in his recently concluded K-drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, is emerging as one of the most sought-after South Korean actors.

This was visibly evident in his stellar performance in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, which stole the top spot in K-drama ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama took the number one spot on the prime-time ratings surpassing a viewership rating of 20 percent in September, said a report by Korea Portal.

According to Blossom Entertainment, the actor's agency, Park's popularity has translated into more business.

"He's firmly established himself as a lead actor through this drama. We're getting more than three times as many requests as before for his appearance in dramas,"said Seung Byeong-wook, a senior official at Park's management agency Blossom Entertainment.

Fans of Park Bo-gum can't wait to see the next big project featuring their favorite actor at his best. The last time Park Bo-gum enthralled his loyal fan following was in a skincare commercial. The actor, who donned a Captain Kirk look from the Star Trek universe, was the face of VProve, a skincare cream.

Check out the brand new story plot for VProve cream below.

The new commercial showed Park Bo-gum redefine macho characteristics, subtly pointing out that one need not look "rough" to be tough. Sporting a flawless skin and luscious kissable lips, the VProve commercial showed Park Bo-gum manning a ship in the most adorable fashion ever.

Back in April, Mont Bell's Outdoor Athletic brand saw Park Bo-gum sporting stylish outdoor accessories, such as jackets, backpacks, and shoes.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage.

According to a report by All K-Pop, the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation collected 34,665,904 pieces of data for 20 CF models. Park Bo-gum stood proudly at the top of the October data with 8,618,542 points, almost four times of his previous month data.

The actor, who is a harmonious blend of calm and cheery, is a joy to work with, according to his co-stars. Actor Kwak Dong-yeon, who played Kim Byung in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds told mentioned in an interview that Park Bo-gum was different from many other people he has come across.

Shedding light on his first meeting with the cherubic lead actor, Kwak Dong-yeon said, "I was getting my make-up done in the car when the door opened and Park Bo-gum came in. After we said hello, an hour of silence followed. Park Bo-gum has a very reserved personality. Becoming close with him was a struggle. Just trying to talk in informal speech took two hours."

But their friendship has bloomed since then. "Now that we're close, we often have deep conversations. He is kind, but when you think about it he's also human. He gets angry too. When he's extremely upset, he expresses his anger by saying, 'I'm super pissed' (uses the word jjamppong, the name of a spicy seafood noodle soup, in place of the word 'pissed')," said Kwak Dong-yeon, whose bromance with Park Bo-gum was much cherished in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

The online fan following for Park Bo-gum is also huge. Recently, a post about Park Bo-gum grabbed a lot of attention on Instagram. His co-star and child actress Kang Joo-eun, who played the "Lantern Girl" in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, posted a signed photo she got from Park Bo-gum. On the photo shown below, he had written, "Let us work together to become cool actors that can bring emotion to lots of people."

At a recent interview, when Soompi asked the actor about his soaring popularity, Park Bo-gum said, "I didn't feel it while the drama was airing, but it hit me during fan meetings afterwards. I was surprised to see more people than I expected. I greeted them because I was so thankful, but it became even more crowded. What I realized then was that other people could be harmed due to my actions and words."
Meanwhile, fans of Park Bo-gum are eager to see the next big project featuring their favorite star.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]