‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Which Former Houseguests Paid a Halloween Visit to ‘BBOTT’ House, Did The Week 5 POV Winner Use The Power To Save A Nominee?

Cia Young - Author

Nov. 1 2016, Updated 11:58 p.m. ET

Live feeds continued to stream from inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house Monday night, as former cast members made a surprise Halloween visit. The next day, the week five Power of Veto Ceremony was held and a bold move was made, shocking some cast members.

It should be noted that Danielle Lickey is the week five Head of Household (HOH) and nominated Shelby Stockton and Whitney Hogg for eviction, while Scott Dennis was chosen as America’s Nominee. On Monday, Danielle won the Halloween-themed Power of Veto (POV), as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

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Halloween night, the houseguests were given costumes to wear for a party that was meant to celebrate the holiday. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Morgan Willett chose to be a witch, Shelby was a Day of the Dead girl, Scott was a werewolf, Whitney was dressed up like a devil, Kryssie Ridolfi wore a creepy doll outfit, Jason Roy donned bloody clothing as a devious doctor, Alex Willett was a mummy, Justin Duncan was a fireman, and Danielle wore a cape and fake teeth as a vampire.

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Because Big Brother was in a festive mood, the week five Have-Nots were allowed to partake in holiday food rather than endure more BB slop, thus, they all ate Chinese food, candy, and other goodies provided by BBOTT.

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Not long after the Halloween party commenced, at about 7:26 p.m., the doorbell rang at the Big Brother: Over the Top house, and Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17, Jason’s season, entered the house wearing a black mask and carrying a plastic pumpkin pail. According to Joker’s Updates, Liz asked for candy and cookies and then left the house.

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About 15 minutes later, there was another ring of the Big Brother: Over the Top doorbell and Lawon Exum of Big Brother 13 made his entrance into the house, Joker’s Updates reports. Lawon, like Liz, was apparently out trick or treating and exited quite quickly.

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According to Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP), only half of the former Big Brother houseguests that were scheduled to pay a Halloween visit to the BBOTT house did so. Apparently, Liz’s twin sister and fellow BB17 cast mate, Julia Nolan, was also slated to enter the house but had a prior commitment on another set. In addition, BB17’s Austin Matelson, a wrestler and Liz’s former love interest, was presumably scheduled to enter the BBOTT house on Halloween. RHAP notes he probably had a wrestling engagement that took precedent over a BBOTT appearance.


After a massive amount of eating, failing to conjure up ghosts with a spirit board, and some questionable promises, the houseguests unceremoniously ended their Halloween evening.

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Prior to cast members hitting the sheets, however, it appears that Danielle told Scott she would save him with the POV Tuesday. At 11:44 p.m. Scott confirmed this by telling Shelby he spoke with Danielle and from what she said, he believed she would use the power to take him off the block, according to Joker’s Updates.

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Shelby discussed the matter with Alex, telling her that if Danielle does save Scott, it will be very good for their game, as they would vote out Whitney on eviction night because she seems to have left their alliance and is now working with houseguests who belong to an opposing Big Brother: Over the Top alliance.


On November 1, the POV ceremony was held at about 1 p.m., as the houseguests gathered in the living room anticipating what was to take place. Each nominee for eviction pleaded their case for safety to Danielle, the POV winner. In the end, despite her promises to Scott, Danielle decided it would be much better for her game to take Whitney off the block.

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Because she saved one of her nominees, Danielle was then tasked with replacing Whitney with another cast member. Danielle chose Morgan as a replacement nominee, placing her next to Shelby and Scott on the eviction couch.

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Morgan was quite shaken because she said on live feeds she felt blindsided by the move. Following the ceremony, she could be seen crying and being comforted by other houseguests. Clearly, Morgan and her alliance, including Scott, were convinced Danielle was going to stay true to her word and save Scott, which would have allowed them to send Whitney home.

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