‘Days Of Our Lives’: Chloe’s Baby Confusion — Nicole’s Good Intentions End Badly? How Will Deimos Kiriakis React On ‘DOOL’? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives has several storylines happening right now. One of those includes Chloe Lane’s unborn child. It seems that the paternity confusion will cause even more problems due to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) revealing Chloe’s secret and not having all of the information.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. If you don’t want to know what could happen on the NBC soap opera, then do not continue reading.

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After Chloe found out she was pregnant, Nicole questioned her about the biological father. Chloe finally confessed that Deimos Kiriakis was the baby daddy, but wanted it kept hidden from him. Vincent Irizarry’s character suspected he was the father and demanded a paternity test on Days Of Our Lives.

Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) was supposed to convince the doctor to falsify the results, but she didn’t make it there in time. This means that when the doctor said Deimos was not the father, he was telling the truth. However, Nicole does not know this because Chloe left Salem after Philip Kiriakis (John-Paul Lavoisier) kicked her to the curb.

After comforting Deimos and lying to him on Days Of Our Lives, Nicole decided to tell him what she knew. Now, Deimos is spending his time, money, and resources trying to find Chloe Lane. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he will track down her mother, Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo).

DOOL spoilers from SoapHub reveal that Nicole will realize she was missing important information about the paternity test. Specifically, that the results were never tampered with. The website reported that Philip is the one who will let Nicole in on the news, which makes her even more confused about the father of Chloe’s baby on Days Of Our Lives.

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Nicole had the best intentions, just like she always does. Unfortunately, things won’t end up so wonderful for Deimos on Days Of Our Lives. He really wanted the opportunity to be a father. He will be hurt once again after chasing after a woman who isn’t pregnant with his child. Deimos could also react with rage after finding out that Nicole gave him incorrect information.

To Deimos, her intentions won’t matter. All he will think about is how his wound was reopened and how he made a fool of himself chasing after Chloe on Days Of Our Lives. He also wasted valuable time and money that could have been put to better use.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Philip actually finds the missing pregnant woman. After having a talk with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf), he will realize the person he wants to be with is Chloe Lane. However, there is still the issue of convincing Deimos he is not the father. A second paternity test is done, but the identity of the baby daddy has not yet been revealed. However, Nadia Bjorlin told Soap Opera Digest that it was a complete shock to her.

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As for the character of Chloe Lane on Days Of Our Lives, she insisted that she had not slept with anyone besides Deimos Kiriakis. However, after the paternity test confusion, she started thinking back and doing some calculations. Soon, she realized who it could be and that it made sense. Hopefully, fans will also find out who the baby daddy is so everyone can move on.

What do you think of Chloe Lane’s storyline on DOOL? Has the paternity confusion gone on long enough? Were you upset that Chloe left Salem without giving fans any hints about who the baby daddy could be? Do you have any ideas of who the father is? Keep watching NBC weekdays to find out what happens with Philip, Chloe, Deimos, and Nicole on Days Of Our Lives.

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