Kim Kardashian Facebook Account Hacked: Could It Happen?

Swati Goyal - Author

Nov. 1 2016, Updated 11:30 p.m. ET

Reports of Kim Kardashian’s Facebook account being hacked might not send shockwaves in an era where demand for personal information, especially from A-list celebrities is on the rise. The Keeping up With the Kardashian star is known to live life in the fast lane, sharing everything from pricey possessions to her family on social media. Given the kind of information she is known to share, it will not come as a surprise on hacker’s gaining control of one of her social media accounts in the near future.

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While robbers have already made a mark on the mother of two this year, there is a high possibility that there are hackers working around the clock just to gain control of her Facebook account. While the giant social network has remained secure from such attacks this year compared to Twitter, the same does not mean that something cannot happen going forward.

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Facebook works around the clock to enhance the security of accounts and the site itself. However, that has never stopped scammers from devising new ways of gaining access to accounts of unsuspecting users. Hackers are not only targeting Facebook accounts but also Twitter, 31-year-old Hip Hop star, J. Cole having become the latest victim of a recent wave of cyberattacks. Given the way the attack was propagated, Kim Kardashian’s Facebook account being hacked may not come as a surprise to many.

Early last month, hackers threatened to fuel one of the biggest feuds in the hip-hop world after hacking J. Cole’s Twitter account. The hackers went on to make ridiculous claims about Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery incident, something that spooked Kanye West for a moment according to Capital Xtra.

Following the robbery incident in Paris, some media outlets went on to speculate that the reality star staged the incident in a bid to popularize her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian. Celebrity gossip site, had initially claimed that Kim had faked the robbery going as far as faking an insurance claim.

Faced with a defamation suit, the site retracted its story, prompting the reality TV star to drop the lawsuit reports iTV. However, J. Cole’s Twitter account resurrecting the story all but goes to fuel theories about the $8 million siege that left the mother of two shaken for days.

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The way hackers took control of J. Cole’s Twitter account all but goes to show that it may only be a matter of time before Kim Kardashian’s Facebook account gets hacked. Some of the things that the Paris robbers walked away with in addition to jewelry worth $8 million according to Hollywood life is the KUWTK stars iPhone, which could contain valuable information for accessing her social media accounts.

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While iPhone’s are known to come with a 256-bit encryption that the CIA also uses, security expert Fabio Costa believes there is a chance the hackers could still access what is inside the TV star phone. However, it would be extremely hard to get through the encryption and even if they got through, they might still not get any valuable information from it.

“It has been done before, but it is very difficult and would take a professional hacker who is on the highest level of expertise. However, once she wipes the information remotely, it may be impossible to recover. So, Kim’s thieves would’ve had a small window of time to access the pics, assuming Kim wiped her phone remotely and quickly,” said Mr. Costa.

Away from Kim Kardashian’s Facebook account being hacked, it is emerging that the reality star is willing to accept millions of dollars to share details of the Paris robbery incident. NBC is reportedly willing to offer the supermodel millions of dollars to shed more light on the incident. Apparently, NBC might not be the only media outlet interested on the exclusive.

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