Serena Williams Moves Onto Lewis Hamilton, Ex Alexis Ohanian Gets Added To Former Boyfriend List Along With Drake And Common In 2016

It looks like Serena Williams has moved on from Alexis Ohanian! While the former world No. 1 player never was public with the Reddit founder, he appeared several times on her Instagram and he even pinned many posts about her on his Twitter. But with Serena emerging with Lewis Hamilton this Halloween, it looks like Alexis just got added to her list of ex-boyfriends, which includes Drake and Common.

Let’s just hope that Alexis didn’t pin too many hopes on this relationship!

In the meantime, the 35-year-old tennis player seemed happy to be hanging out with Lewis Hamilton, the 31-year-old Formula One driver, who used to date Nicole Scherzinger.

“They were spotted smiling and holding hands just two days earlier at the Mexican Grand Prix,” reports Daily Mail. “And rumors of a romance between Formula One star Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams continued to grow on Tuesday after the pair were spotted partying together at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party. Admittedly, it was difficult to recognise the 31-year-old, who dressed as Heath Ledger’s iconic interpretation of Batman nemesis The Joker.”

Even before that, she and Lewis were spotted holding hands in Mexico.

But it looks like Serena wants to keep this budding romance not entirely public. She did not post anything about her Halloween adventures, not even what she wore on that night. The last thing she uploaded on her Instagram was her wearing Gigi Hadid’s items from Tommy Hilfiger collection.

@gigihadid bodysuit and sweater. ❤️ u babes ???????? #tommyxgigi

A photo posted by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

As a fashion designer herself, it looks like she is trying to make good connections with other brands. Check out Serena posing with Hadid sisters!

While her other ventures are going great, increasing her net worth daily, her professional tennis career is on the down. She just slipped from world number one ranking and may not even be considered for this year’s Player of the Year by WTA.

The tennis player even admitted that other player should be considered in an interview.

“Perhaps it should come as little surprise that when the WTA held a contest Friday on Instagram for users to vote for the player the year, Williams did not pick herself, but rather the player whom she played against twice in a Grand Slam final this year,” reports Washington Post.

“She had an attitude that I think a lot of people can learn from, just to always stay positive and to never give up,” she said after Australian Open 2016. “I was really inspired by that. So, honestly, she’s a really good girl. If I couldn’t win, I’m happy she did.”

In fact, she is being very clear in the news about her plans for the future, which may not include tennis.

“I’m not going to play tennis forever,” she said to CNNMoney. “I know I have been playing forever, but one of these days I’m not gonna play so it’s always good to know that if I want to go to the office… I can do that.”

“It’s the best thing because it’s like I don’t really care [about the Open] because I have to make sure these girls and these amazing models look great,” she continued. “I can’t have Anna Wintour sitting in the front row saying, ‘This doesn’t look good.’ That’s always been my saving grace here.”

And it looks like her future will not include Alexis Ohanian, Drake or Common!

Many of her fans are already wondering if this new thing with Lewis Hamilton will last. Serena is not known for dating someone for a long period of time, possibly because her schedule is already so packed.

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