The Weeknd Presale Code For ‘Starboy’ Tour: A Hot Commodity On Twitter And Facebook

The Weeknd recently broke news about his “Starboy: Legend of the Fall 2017 World Tour,” as reported by the Inquisitr. Tickets for The Weeknd’s upcoming concert tour dates went on sale on Tuesday, November 1, at 10 a.m. ET — at least for those who have a presale code for The Weeknd’s tour dates.

As a result, folks on Twitter and Facebook are searching their hearts out for The Weeknd presale codes they can use to try and buy tickets — or telling others about their experiences in buying bundles from The Weeknd’s online store in order to get a presale code.

Those buyers who were able to pre-order an exclusive Starboy bundle and gain access to a presale code for The Weeknd’s concert tour received an email declaring that presale code would give them access to two concert tickets for The Weeknd’s tour per presale code. The Weeknd’s bundles that were previously for sale included a T-shirt bundle with a presale code that cost $30 (not including shipping) and other bundles with The Weeknd’s music or other fare with a presale code.

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As of this writing, those presale code bundles do not appear to be for sale at The Weeknd “Starboy” bundle link.

Those who were able to order an item from The Weeknd’s online store that gave them access to a presale code received an email on Tuesday, November 1, at 9:04 a.m. ET.

The subject line of that email announced that a presale code was inside.

“Your Presale Ticket Codes for Starboy 2017 World Tour!”

The ordering of the “Starboy” bundle guaranteed that the buyers would receive a presale code for The Weeknd’s ticket sales — but the presale code did not guarantee that the person would receive a concert ticket for The Weeknd’s tour.

Specific ticket links for The Weeknd tour dates and cities were provided, along with the presale code for the specific city.

One presale code was given for the following tour dates and cities for The Weeknd’s tour. It isn’t clear if a variety of unique presale codes were given to different buyers of The Weeknd’s bundle products, or if the same presale code was given to those customers.

  • April 25 | Vancouver, BC
  • April 26 | Seattle, WA
  • April 28 | San Jose, CA
  • April 29 | Los Angeles, CA
  • April 30 | Los Angeles, CA
the weeknd [Image by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP Images]
  • May 2 | Phoenix, AZ
  • May 4 | Dallas, TX
  • May 9 | New Orleans, LA
  • May 11 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • May 12 | Tampa, FL
  • May 13 | Atlanta, GA
  • May 17 | Charlotte, NC
  • May 18 | Washington, DC
  • May 19 | Atlantic City, NJ
  • May 23 | Chicago, IL
  • May 24 | Detroit, MI
  • May 26 | Toronto, ON
  • May 28 | Ottawa, ON
  • May 31 | Quebec City, QC
  • June 2 | Uncasville, CT
  • June 3 | Nassau, NY
  • June 4 | Newark, NJ
  • June 6 | Brooklyn, NY
  • June 7 | Brooklyn, NY
  • June 9 | Cincinnati, OH

A different presale code was given for the next two cities listed below, and that presale code for the opportunity to purchase The Weeknd tickets can currently be found being passed around on social media.

  • May 6 | Houston, TX
  • May 30 | Montreal, QC

At least one of the presale codes for the bulk of The Weeknd’s concert cities listed above doesn’t appear anywhere on social media as of this writing. It isn’t known if presale codes can only be used once to try and purchase The Weeknd concert tickets — and if those presale codes can only be used via the links provided within the emails sent containing the presale codes.

The Weeknd Official Fan Merchandise Store did make sure to inform fans of The Weeknd that just because they purchased a “Starboy” bundle with a presale code does not mean that they will be guaranteed tickets to The Weeknd’s concert.

Whereas the presale for The Weeknd is happening now, Ticketmaster notes that the general public sale begins on Friday, November 04, at 10:00 a.m. PDT, for most dates.

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