Ben Cohen Sex Tape: Rugby Star And ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Contestant Victim Of Racy Video Leak

Ben Cohen is the latest British celebrity caught up in a sex tape scandal, with the rugby star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant the victim of an explicit video leak.

A shot video clip leaked to the internet this week showing the 38-year-old naked. As the Mirror reported, the video was taken back in 2013 after Cohen had split up with his wife, Abbey. The report noted that Ben Cohen has contacted lawyers and is trying to have the nude photo removed from the internet.

The sex tape leak comes at an especially difficult time for Ben Cohen. He and girlfriend, his former Strictly Come Dancing partner Kristina Rhianoff, recently welcomed their first baby earlier this year.

Cohen spoke glowingly of his new daughter and his partner’s parenting skills.

“Kristina was amazing and I’m so very proud,” Cohen said back in June when the couple welcomed daughter Milena. “Mila has changed the dynamic — another little human in our lives. She is our creation and that is amazing.

“Kristina is a natural mum. It was very emotional and it gives you even more respect — it’s nature at its best. I’m proud of Kristina, proud of Mila and proud to be a dad again.”

Ben cohen is the victim of a sex tape leak.
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A spokesman for Cohen noted that the sex tape had no effect on the rugby star’s relationship with his girlfriend.

“A number of historical images of Ben, which are of a private nature and which were taken whilst he was single, were recently posted online,” the spokesman said (via the Mail Online). “The matter is now in the hands of his lawyers and Ben and Kristina remain in a happy relationship.”

Cohen also has twin daughters from his previous marriage.

A source told the Sun that Ben Cohen is devastated about the sex tape leak, saying he had forgotten that that video existed. The source went on to say that Cohen is worried about the hit to his reputation and about his three daughters finding out about it one day.

Ben Cohen seen in sex tape leaked
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Ben Cohen is now the third male British celebrity to become embroiled in a sex tape scandal in the last few weeks. A pair of X Factor contestants also had videos leak showing them in solo sex scenes, both from the same source.

The first leak targeted Sam Callahan, who said he was catfished as a teenager in 2013. The term catfishing refers to an online deception in which one person pretends to be someone else to fool another person in a romantic context. Callahan claims someone did this to convince him to film a solo sex scene, which was leaked to the internet last month.

TheMirror noted that Callahan took responsibility, saying he was a teenager and called the sex tape a mistake.

Close to one week later, fellow X Factor contestant and Coronation Street star Shayne Ward was hit with a nearly identical scam. A similar video of Ward was released by the same Twitter account that leaked Callahan’s video.

Ward also took responsibility, saying he was younger when the video was filmed.

“This video is years old. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds,” his representative told the Sun.“He’s so embarrassed this has happened. The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced. He can’t believe anyone would do this.”

It is not clear if the sex tape of Ben Cohen was leaked by the same source or related in any way to the catfishing schemes that struck Ward and Callahan. It is also not clear yet if police are investigating the leaked video.

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