Amanda Bynes’s Life-Saving Diagnosis

Amanda Bynes was born in California in 1986. She’s probably best known for her work has a Nickelodeon child star, but it was her modeling stint for Buncha Crunch candies at the age of 7 that got her into show business.

Amanda Bynes sharpened her acting skills and boosted her confidence by featuring in a number of stage productions, and she later achieved unprecedented fame when she starred in children’s television programs like All That, Figure it Out, and What I Like About You.

She also successfully starred in movies such as What a Girl Wants, the 2003 romantic comedy that achieved huge box-office success. The actress received recognition as a popular actress when she won the Kids’ Choice Award in the Favorite Television Actress category for her acting skills on The Amanda Show, Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy and variety show. The actress won it again in 2001, 2002, and 2003.

The Amanda Show not only featured her own comedy sketches that mocked several stereotypes, but it also had several hilarious acts that parodied game shows, soap operas, teen dramas, and courtroom shows. The Amanda Show, along with its loveable characters, was so popular that, even today, it continues to inspire devoted fans. According to Pop Sugar, Amanda Bynes’ popular show had several hilarious characters whose costumes are still great choices when selecting costumes for a Halloween party. The inspiration for many of Amanda Bynes’ skits came from Bette Midler and Lucille Ball, and the young actress has often been compared to a young Lucille Ball.

Dancing Lobsters, Honorable Judge Trudy, Crazy Courtney, Totally Kyle, Penelope Taynt, and the Hillbillies are several characters from The Amanda Show who still inspire ideas great Halloween costumes.

Bynes’s favorite saying is “Whatever is meant to be will be, and you just have to trust that things happen for a reason.” Unfortunately, Amanda Bynes’s fall from grace clearly proves another well-known saying “Health Is Wealth.” Sadly, Bynes has become just another popular child star whose career went awry due to health issues and erratic public behavior.

It now appears that Amanda Bynes’ career sailed smoothly, providing she was represented by the talent agency known as Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency. Unfortunately, Bynes was unable to progress her career on her own, and she struggled to make the transition from child artist to adult celebrity. After failing to launch her career, the young actress reportedly stopped pursuing acting altogether.

Her professional worries affected her public behavior, which became extremely erratic in 2012 when the actress was arrested for driving under the influence and causing a hit-and-run accident. Even though Bynes moved to New York to pursue her acting career, her bizarre behavior continued to make headlines.

She was arrested again in 2013 when she threw a bong out of her apartment. Apparently, her social media followers had begun noticing the actress’s weird behavior, particularly when she posted bizarre comments about sex and her desire to look like Blac Chyna.

Doubts about Amanda Bynes’ mental well-being were confirmed when she set fire to her neighbor’s front yard after she moved to Los Angeles. Finally, legal authorities implemented Section 5150 of California’s Mental Health Law and detained Amanda Bynes to undergo psychiatric treatment. According to E! Online, Bynes revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression.

Efficient medical care and much-needed family support played a pivotal role in stabilizing Amanda Bynes’s mental condition. Today, Amanda Bynes is making a massive effort to get back on her feet. In 2014, she got her driver’s license back, and she’s continuing with her studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Perez Hilton reports that Amanda Bynes is looking healthier and has again begun socializing on social media.

Amanda Bynes’s positive spirit serves as an excellent example to people who suffer from depression, showing that with the right help, anything is possible.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]