WWE News: Major Speculation That Sasha Banks Could Be Really Hurt Following Hell In A Cell Match

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks had a great Hell in a Cell match on Sunday with Charlotte Flair, but she may have pushed things way too far for her body to take. Both Flair and Banks went nuts on each other in the cell, with Sasha taking a lot of the major moves from the first major table spot to the random spots throughout. Flair took a lot too, just to be fair. However, Banks does have a history of back problems, and that may have caught up to her.

Following the Hell in a Cell match, Charlotte walked out under her own power, still sore but managing as the new WWE Women’s Champion. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks was helped to the back by referees. The two did make history by being in the first cell match but also being the first two women to fight in the main event of a WWE main roster PPV.

History had to be made, and the quality was certainly main event-worthy. However, it may have taken all of Sasha Banks to make it through the match. Some assumed that Banks was just selling the torture of the cell match on Sunday when she was helped out. Others believe differently. According to Ringside News, there is a lot of speculation going on that Sasha is actually hurt and being helped out was not a sell job but rather needed due to an injury.

Sasha Banks table spot
[image by WWE]

The speculation does have some merit. Almost everyone involved in Hell in a Cell on Sunday did end up making it to WWE RAW on Monday from Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins to Roman Reigns and Rusev. Charlotte also appeared but didn’t wrestle. The only one missing was Sasha Banks, which may have further flamed the speculation fire on her.

As of now, WWE has not made up the entire WWE RAW Women’s Team for WWE Survivor Series. The people confirmed right now are Charlotte(captain), Bayley, and Nia Jax. It seems Dana Brooke is also on the team, but that was not completely confirmed on the show. She is expected to be part of it of course. WWE has not given us a person for the fifth spot.

Most believe that spot will be filled by Sasha Banks and that WWE is simply keeping her off television to make a dramatic return closer to the Survivor Series event. This could very well be the case, as they want her to cell the injuries from the cell so that Charlotte looks strong after what she did to The Boss on Sunday. However, this could also be a combination of both.

Charlotte Sasha HIAC
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WWE could be keeping her off TV due to some injuries she sustained in the Hell in a Cell match, but they may have already planned for her to miss some time afterward. That would explain the offense she took as well as some of the crazy spots throughout the match that she sold like a champ. Obviously, it is simply speculation to claim she is indeed hurt.

However, when you do not see someone after a grueling match for even a talking segment…there is some worry. This could be why the word quickly spread backstage that the legit boss could be legit injured. Sasha Banks has proven she is one of the toughest women in WWE. However, she is small and thus there is some thought that the lack of fat and muscle costs her.

At last word, she was working on packing on more muscle to help extend her career because she realized it was needed. It has been noted for years that bigger wrestlers tend to get injured less than smaller ones, not just because they don’t do the major high-flying moves but because they have more meat on their bones, which means the falls aren’t as bad for them as they would be for someone like Sasha Banks. So the former WWE Women’s Champion will hopefully get some muscle on and avoid future injuries. Let us hope she is not significantly hurt now.

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