Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Life’ House Of Healing Has Boyz II Men Star — Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now’ Gets OWN Views [Videos]

The following videos from Oprah’s shows on her OWN television network speak to the popularity of such programs as Where Are They Now and Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life, with her current “House of Healing” featuring men in need of help. After Oprah and Iyanla famously put aside misunderstandings from the past — Oprah explained to Iyanla that the talk show queen turned over her Oprah Winfrey Show stage to Vanzant decades ago — the duo is back in full force with shows to be reckoned with.

First off, videos like the one above, titled “Debbie Gibson: Entertainers Regularly Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs,” prove that Oprah’s Where Are They Now show is popular in its own right. Within two days, that particular snippet video has swelled to 1,424 views on YouTube. Gibson admitted to using Tylenol PM and Xanax to get through her touring schedule.

debbie gibson
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In the video, Debbie describes what it was like for her to experience being an over-the-top pop star in the 1980s, eventually turning to the Broadway stage. Half of Broadway stars are taking prednisone, claims Debbie, since it helps people sing higher, but it also makes them crash.

Debbie also spoke about her Playboy shoot on Where Are They Now, telling viewers that she got the call from Playboy when she turned 18 years of age.

However, it took 14 years — until Debbie was 32 — for Gibson to say yes, and when she ended up doing the shoot, she didn’t make the cover because the magazine’s publisher felt she didn’t show enough skin. Debbie was fine with that.

That video has swelled to nearly 1,000 views in two days.

Next up are stars like Jennifer Holliday, who appeared on Where Are They Now on the Oprah Winfrey Network to talk about the pressure that was placed on Holliday to drop weight.

That video has grown to nearly 3,000 views in about 48 hours since it was uploaded to YouTube.

Jennifer mentioned getting up to nearly 400 pounds during her Dreamgirls run. In 1987, Holliday was dropped by her record label, which made her lose her home. In 1990, Jennifer got gastric bypass surgery, which helped her lose 80 pounds in a matter of months, and eventually another 100 pounds. It was hard for Jennifer to get back on her feet, but she eventually did once she got the role on Ally McBeal.

Other OWN videos, such as the one tilted “A Fashion Talk Show Host Describes ‘Hostile’ Oprah Show Audience,” goes way back for the Where Are They Now crowd on OWN.

With about 2,300 views, that video shows a woman who spoke about Oprah’s audience literally gasping when she told them that her purse cost about $2,300 — but the same purse costs about $10,000 or more these days.

Lauren Ezersky said it was her first time on TV, and that it was a show about shopaholics.

Even the video titled “Ben Stein on His Family’s Emotional Goodbye to Richard Nixon” has gotten nearly 3,000 views on the OWN YouTube channel.

The clip spills details about Ben’s days in the White House.

But the videos gaining even more views for Oprah’s OWN channel can mostly be found directly above and below, such as the one titled “Sally Jessy Raphael Says She Was ‘Betrayed’ by Her Producers” during a Where Are They Now video clip that has gotten nearly 6,000 views in two days.

When it comes to the video titled “Boyz II Men’s Michael McCary Reveals He Has Multiple Sclerosis,” it proves even more interest remains in the Iyanla: Fix My Life show on OWN.

McCary was the deep-voiced crooner of the group, who revealed to the other men in the “House of Healing” with Iyanla that he has multiple sclerosis. That video has more than 21,000 views.

Michael admitted that learning about MS at such a young age — when he was only 22 — really gave him feelings of inadequacy and abandonment as his fellow Boyz II Men group members eventually went on the road without him, as Michael became too sick to perform. But Vanzant asked McCary to keep an open mind and to consider the possibility that there is another option or viewpoint in the matter.

The “Exclusive: Working With Men Vs. Women in the House of Healing” video shows how the segment on Iyanla: Fix My Life brought a group of women together in the “House of Healing” first, then later brought a group of men into the same house. The difference between the sexes and the ways that they related to Vanzant in the “House of Healing” were well noted.

One such difference can be seen in the video titled “Iyanla Challenges Lira Galore’s Dad to Stop Being Dishonest with Himself,” as Lira’s dad — who was discussed in a previous episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life as Rick Ross’ ex tried to work through her own feelings of abandonment — decided he was leaving the “House of Healing,” since he had spoken with Lira.

Vanzant challenged Lira’s dad — asking him to consider the fact that his absence made his daughter end up on the stripper’s pole — but he said that was the silliest thing he’d hear in his life — and didn’t want to take much responsibility for his actions.

Other videos, such as the one titled “Singer Kevin McCall Tearfully Says What His Dad Misunderstood About Him,” show another man featured on the Iyanla: Fix My Life show who is living in the “House of Healing” with the other men.

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McCall spoke about getting into a fight and telling his dad, who praised Kevin for winning.

More videos include the one titled “Michael McCary of Boyz II Men Fame Sums Up His Feelings of Ex-Bandmates,” with McCary explaining during the Iyanla: Fix My Life segment why the 44-year-old now feels like a different guy from the “Mike” he used to be in the group.

Lastly, the “Iyanla Is Personally Dedicated to Stopping the Suffering of Black Men” video from Iyanla: Fix My Life shows why the OWN show has turned to helping African-American men get past the hurt and pain in their lives.

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