New TV Tonight Includes Episodes Of ‘Ben & Lauren,’ ‘The Middle,’ ‘This Is Us,’ ‘The Flash,’ & More

New TV tonight includes new episodes of such fan-favorite shows as Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? on Freeform, The Middle on ABC, This Is Us on NBC, The Flash on CW, and many more. Fall always brings a line-up of new and returning TV shows, and 2016 is no exception.

E! Online “officially” ranked all of the new fall TV shows from worst to best, with No. 1-ranked This Is Us on tonight for Season 1, Episode 6. Three other highly-ranked new TV series episodes also air tonight, along with several new episodes from returning TV series.

The Middle has had a steady stream of loyal followers since its debut on ABC in 2009. Season 8 premiered on October 11, and a new episode airs tonight. The fourth episode of Season 8, titled “True Grit,” will see Sue asking older brother Axl for advice on how to break up with her new boyfriend, Jeremy. Brick will try to fit in as a high school freshman by showing off his school spirit, only to be thrown out of the spotlight by Troy, a member of Brick’s “posse” who manages to get drafted by the football team at Orson High.

Season 8, Episode 4, of The Middle airs tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Fans of The Middle are still trying to get used to the day change, after airing on Wednesdays for the last seven seasons.

Another new TV episode tonight that’s due to have millions of viewers watching is This Is Us on NBC at 9 p.m. ET. This Is Us is a new fall TV series that has continued to bring high ratings to NBC since its premiere pilot episode on September 20. The newest episode of the first season, titled “Career Days,” will see Kate interview for a new “perfect” job, according to TV Guide, while Randall has second thoughts about his career choice. Kevin and Olivia’s relationship will move in a new direction, and Randall tests as gifted, which brings some conflict to Jack and Rebecca.

Lie a Little Better expands on the summary of Season 1, Episode 6, saying that Kate is actually called “fat” in her interview, and Kevin’s continued self-doubt creates most of his relationship and career issues. Watch tonight to find out what really happens to the Pearson kids on career day.

The first season of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? airs the fourth new episode tonight on the Freeform TV network. Ben and Lauren is a spin-off from Season 20 of The Bachelor that follows Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell as they go about their day-to-day life as a newly engaged “happy” couple. After living out expensive fantasy dates on ABC’s reality TV show, The Bachelor, on Season 20, that aired earlier this year, fans now get to see how the young couple deal with wanting a dream home, but not having the finances to pay for that dream.

TV Guide shares that in Season 1, Episode 4, Ben and Lauren realize they need to make vocational changes, a revelation that results in Ben, 28, wanting to own a restaurant and Lauren, 25, wanting to become a zookeeper. People Magazine reported back in March that Lauren has a flight attendant background, but she stopped working altogether when The Bachelor Season 20 “really kicked off.”

Watch the newest episode of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? tonight on Freeform at 8 p.m. ET to see how Ben and Lauren learn to deal with their money woes.

The Flash continues on TV tonight with a new episode of Season 3. Since The Flash first premiered on the CW in 2014, this superhero TV series, based on the DC Comics character by the same name, has held a steady viewership of over four million viewers. Season 3 aired on October 4, and the fifth new episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

This episode will show Caitlin’s mom — a biomedical researcher — treat her like a test subject after Caitlin goes to her for advice on how to grow her metahuman power of supervillainesses, Killer Frost, who has the ability to absorb heat and turn it into cold, freezing animate objects, and creating an ice shield, as well as frozen weapons. The Futon Critic shares that Caitlin and her mother will have a “major blowout” tonight, while a new and mysterious metahuman attacks Central City, a case that Barry tries to assist on.

A new episode of the SyFy original series Channel Zero also airs tonight. The first installment of the horror anthology TV series, called Channel Zero: Candle Cove, premiered on October 11, and is based on the Kris Straub Creepypasta story that focuses on a disturbing fictional 1980s TV show, called Candle Cove, that somehow draws children in, causing them to murder. Candle Cove can only be seen by children and airs on a non-working TV channel, called Channel Zero. Adults only see Candle Cove as static on the TV screen, while children see a “creepy” pirate kids show. Candle Cove returns to the small screen in present-day and children again start to disappear.

Child psychologist, Mike Painter, played by Paul Schneider from Parks and Recreation, returns to his small hometown of Iron Hill to try to solve the mysterious disappearance and murders of several children in the 1980s. Mike somehow knows Candle Cove is connected to the case, and Season 1, Episode 4, picks up where the third episode left off — Mike’s young daughter, Lily, mysteriously shows up outside his mother’s home in Iron Hill. Jessica will work with Mike to heal past wounds and try to protect Lily from the hold that Candle Cove seems to have on children.

More new TV tonight includes episodes of Bull on CBS, Counting On on TLC, and NCIS on CBS, according to a complete rundown on TV Guide.

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