Brandi Redmond And Stephanie Hollman Bonding Again: ‘RHOD’ Friendship Saved?

Brandi Redmond questioned whether she would want to film another season of The Real Housewives of Dallas last year after her marriage clearly took some hits on the show. Brandi wanted her husband to be a bit more engaged in the home, but when he was confronted with his behavior, he walked out and left her crying in a restaurant. The two appeared to be close to a divorce, but Redmond fought for her marriage and requested that her husband change. And while Redmond might have been hoping to rely on her best friend during this time, it sounds like her friendship with Stephanie Hollman took a hit during the show’s hiatus.

According to a new tweet, Brandi Redmond revealed that she and Hollman are indeed fine, and they have worked out their issues. This weekend, Stephanie hosted her Halloween party, and she retweeted a picture of herself with Brandi at her home. Both ladies were dressed up, and it looked like they were having a great time. Even Cary Deuber made an appearance at the party, showing that some of the Real Housewives of Dallas ladies are still friends.

“Steph this pic makes me so happy! Happy Sunday girl!” one person wrote to Stephanie after she shared a picture of herself with Brandi Redmond at her Halloween party. Another person responded to the first comment by saying, “yay!!! Stephanie and Brandi unite!”

LeeAnne Locken, who is the one who has spread rumors about Brandi Redmond’s friendship with Stephanie, was also at the party, but she wasn’t in any of the pictures that were retweeted by Hollman. LeeAnne has revealed that she and Brandi Redmond have become friends, while Stephanie was left out of the new friendship. But it doesn’t seem like Redmond has given up on Stephanie at all, which may not sit well with Locken. While she was at the party, she didn’t really seem to be hanging out with her co-stars. Instead, she posted another Halloween picture of herself with her boyfriend at a different party.

“#HappyHalloween from Rich Emberlin and me!! He will ALWAYS be my #MajorNelson & I’ll always make his #wishes come true! #Soulmates #RHOD,” LeeAnne revealed on Twitter.


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Of course, the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has been confirmed, so fans are eagerly waiting to see if what Locken has been saying about Brandi Redmond is true. Earlier this year, Locken decided to talk about Redmond’s friendship with Stephanie on her Twitter, calling out Hollman for saying things about her.

“Interesting article! How do Y’ALL feel about Steph referring to ME & Brandi Redmond as “the dark side”? Is it RUDE, MEAN or just plain DUMB?” LeeAnne Locken tweeted a few weeks ago, pointing to some flaws in Brandi Redmond’s friendship with Stephanie.

“Oh come on, you’ve shown your true colors all over national tv,” one person wrote, while LeeAnne Locken replied, “Girl!! YOU are gonna be SO DISAPPOINTED if their is a Season 2. Prepare yourself now!”

Of course, the second season of the show has been renewed, and the ladies started filming a while ago. Maybe Locken’s comments will be proven to be true, but it sounds as if Redmond and Hollman’s friendship is just fine based on the Halloween party pictures.

“All we ever saw was Stephanie Hollman defending Brandi Redmond. We did see your dark side LeeAnne Locken often. So if she said it, I get it,” one person wrote, to which Locken replied, “Don’t we ALL have a dark side? I am just BRAVE ENOUGH to show mine and admit to it! #BigGirlPanties.”

“You must be confusing me with a fan. The comment came from a fan, not me, my friend,” Stephanie revealed on Twitter in response to LeeAnne Locken’s tweet, where she called her former co-star rude, mean and plain dumb.

What do you think of Brandi Redmond hanging out with Stephanie again? Are you surprised to see Locken not being included in the pictures?

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