Mariah Carey Links Scientology To Billionaire Split, Network ‘Freaking’ Over Her Reality TV Show

Mariah Carey may not need the money that her now-former boyfriend, billionaire James Packer, possessed, but their recent breakup reportedly still affected her. And in the wake of the split, a new report claims that Mariah feels Scientology is at least partly responsible for causing her romance with Packer to fall apart. That may not be the only part of her life impacted, with plans for a reality TV show including Carey’s romance allegedly causing the network to “freak.”

Carey, 46, feels that an ex-Scientology “honcho” Tommy Davis, 44, is the one to blame for ending her engagement to Packer, reported the New York Daily News.

Offspring of an actress, Anne Archer, and real estate guru, William Davis, Tommy revealed in 2006 that he had enough money “to never work a day in my life.” He studied for a semester at Columbia University, then spent 20 years working at the Church of Scientology, with six of those years in the role of the church’s chief spokesman.

When the former Scientology spokesman was hired in the summer to take on the role of “general manager North America” for the investment firm owned by Packer, Davis allegedly persuaded Mariah’s now-ex-fiance to cut down on his spending. That reportedly translated into reducing the pricey gifts for Carey.

Is Mariah Carey blaming Scientology for the end of her engagement to James Packer?
Is Mariah Carey blaming Scientology for the end of her engagement to James Packer? [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for GLAAD]

Page Six also told readers that Mariah is “blaming her breakup” on influences linked to Scientology, citing sources who allege that Carey feels Davis “poisoned their relationship.” In addition to allegations that he now controls the billionaire’s finances, those insiders claim he put Mariah’s former boyfriend on a special program.

“[The ex Scientology spokesman put Packer] on a detoxification program known at the church as a ‘Purification Rundown.'”

The former Scientology honcho allegedly also told Packer to “disconnect” from Carey, according to the media outlet. However, those allegations are denied by those close to the billionaire, who told Page Six that instead, the breakup from Mariah was due to “her excessive spending and the drama surrounding her as she films a reality show for E!” network.

As for who gets the stunning 35-carat diamond engagement ring that James used to propose to Mariah, Carey may be able to keep it, according to Us Weekly.

“He’s not going to make her give the ring back because it’s against the law,” an insider close to Mariah told Us Weekly. “The law in California is that she doesn’t have to give the ring back because she didn’t call off the engagement.”

Mariah Carey's new reality TV show is set to debut in December.
Mariah Carey's new reality TV show is set to debut in December. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

The source also shared that Carey was involved in plans to tie the knot, with dresses both for herself and her daughter, and “every intention of marrying him.” But then, amid the wedding planning, came the bombshell.

“On the last day [of their Greek vacation], he said, ‘I can’t do this anymore, this is just too much.'”

Although Mariah may be able to keep the ring, she still has to deal with picking up the pieces of her shattered life, pointed out the insider.

“Mariah was like, ‘This isn’t how you do it.’ He had asked her to move to L.A. to be closer to him because his ex-wife and kids live in L.A.,” revealed the source.

Consequently, Carey moved to Los Angeles, uprooting her life in New York that she “loves,” added the insider.

While Mariah is figuring out where to go from here, network executives reportedly are trying to figure out what to do with her new reality TV show, which is supposed to debut on E! on December 4. The breakup has left E! execs worried over how to handle it, according to the New York Daily News.

With plans already made for Mariah’s World, those in charge are reportedly concerned about the “damage” that Carey’s breakup will cause. Her wedding plans originally starred in a subplot for the TV show, and the network has already filmed footage.

Gossip Cop told readers that although Mariah’s World features Carey’s career, the network had filmed her romantic relationship with Packer before it crumbled. Now, with the plans to ring those wedding bells silenced, E! is “freaking out,” an insider revealed to the media outlet.

It’s not just the network that reportedly is worried about the fact that all of that footage featuring the former couple has become “irrelevant,” along with the wedding subplot. Mariah’s own team also is “panicking,” according to Gossip Cop.

“The superstar’s team was banking on Mariah’s World being a success.”

A key part of making the reality TV show was supposed to be Carey’s wedding plans, added the media outlet, especially when it came to the goal of getting high enough ratings to score another season. Even if the executives figure out a way to edit the footage featuring Packer in the wake of the split, there is the issue of whether he will issue an objection to a role on the show, despite having signed a release form.

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