Disney ‘Snow White’ Release Date To Be Announced Soon

Disney Snow White fans have another reason to smile following a report that the film will receive a live-action reboot. The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news but did not reveal the actual release date.

The Disney Snow White reboot was announced on Monday by The Hollywood Reporter. It will be the latest reboot of the classic Disney cartoon. According to the latest news about the film, it is still in its initial stages so a release date has most likely not been set. Erin Cressida Wilson is reportedly negotiating the role of adapting the script. Wilson’s work is undoubtedly impressive judging by her latest adaptation, The Girl On The Train.

The new Disney Snow White reboot will be produced by Marc Platt. It is not clear whether the reboot will feature any of the music from the original version. Justin Paul and Benj Pasek will work on the new music for the upcoming movie, meaning there will most likely be a lot of new songs. The two are also responsible for the music in the film La La Land. The directors and actors for the film are yet to be announced since the film is still in its early stages of development.

The new Snow White film is one of the numerous upcoming reboot films from Disney. Some of the other confirmed projects include Beauty And The Beast which will feature Emma Watson as the Beauty while Dan Stevens will assume the role of the Beast. The film is already in production and will be released in March 2017. There is also an upcoming adaptation of the popular Disney hit The Lion King, which is scheduled for 2018 and Jon Favreau has been named as the director.

The company is also working on a film called Mary Poppins Returns, which will be a sequel to the original Marry Poppins movie. The numerous films highlight Disney’s decision to make live versions of its hit animated classic films. Disney has done a good job with some of the latest releases such as Cinderella, Maleficent, and The Jungle Book, just to mention a few.

The Snow White story has been transformed into many different narratives and some great films have come from those narratives. Some Snow White movies that have been highly successful in the cinema include Snow White And The Huntsman and Mirror Mirror. It, therefore, seemed that making a live action reboot of the film was, therefore, an obvious direction for the company. It will also be iconic because Snow White was the first ever animated feature from Disney.

The new film is not expected to be an easy reboot considering that Snow White And The Huntsman faced criticism for not using actual dwarfs and opting to use CGI on regular sized people. The fact that Snow White’s beauty is also associated with the color of her skin has also been a source of controversy. It will also be interesting to see how the directors will adapt the film to align with modern day feminism. Nevertheless, Disney has a history of creating quality and immersive experiences with their films, and the new adaptation is therefore expected to uphold the same level of quality.

The 3D and virtual reality technologies existing today are also expected to make it more immersive and dreamy. The lead actor is yet to be named but a few individuals, including Krysten Ritter, Rooney Mara, and Elizabeth Olson are thought to be well suited for the role. It will probably take a while for the film to be made and more details are expected to be released as time goes by. Hopefully, we will have more details about the Disney Snow White film, including its release date before the end of the year and if not, maybe early next year.