‘Fear The Walking Dead: Passage’ Episode 3: A Deal Is Struck Between Sierra And Gabi

Fear the Walking Dead’s new web series, Passage, has dropped its third episode. In part three, the groundwork for the relationship between the two female zombie apocalypse survivors is laid.

According to the press release, the synopsis for Fear the Walking Dead: Passage follows.

“The second season of webisodes follows a fearsome survivor, Sierra (Kelsey Scott), who agrees to help an injured woman, Gabi (Mishel Prada), in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary. Over the course of their harrowing journey, the women go on to face many dangers and learn what they need to survive. “

In the third installment of Passage, Sierra and Gabi mesh out a deal in how they can both survive the onslaught of the infected in Fear the Walking Dead. Gabi is well aware of the fact she is not equipped to dispatch with the infected. Sierra, on the other hand, is very adept at killing them, yet has nowhere to stay other than the facility both women are currently at. It seems this place is not a long term solution as Sierra is wanting to find some other place to stay.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead: Passage,' Episode 3
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And that is where Gabi steps in. She is determined to stay with Sierra, knowing this is her only way to survive the zombie apocalypse. Episode 3 of Passage introduces Sierra to the possibility of a safe place in Mexico. While Sierra says the border is swarming with the infected thanks to an influx of people trying to cross both ways when the apocalypse first occurred, Gabi is aware of a tunnel that could help them cross.

Viewers then find out Gabi’s boyfriend worked border patrol and that is how she knows of the tunnel. Unfortunately, as Sierra points out in Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead: Passage, Gabi’s boyfriend has not returned from the tunnel, so it is likely he did not survive.

Regardless of whether the tunnel is safe, both women agree it is their only hope of crossing the border and finding a safer place in Mexico. So, a deal is struck. Gabi now has protection from the undead, and Sierra has the possibility of a safe haven. Although, as Sierra fiercely points out to Gabi, she will help her, but she doesn’t actually need her.

You can view Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead: Passage below.

Passage is produced by Dave Erickson, who is also the showrunner for Fear the Walking Dead. Andrew Bernstein is listed as director and producer. Passage is written by Lauren Signorino and Mike Zunic.

Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV, released the following statement about Passage.

“We saw a tremendous response to last year’s Flight 462 so we are excited to again be expanding the world of Fear with another story of survival at the onset of the apocalypse. It’s great to be working with Dave Erickson and the Fear team on this new piece of original short-form content that will continue to engage fans in the series’ off-season.”

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead Passages,' Episode 3
[Image by AMC]

AMC introduced a new character to Fear the Walking Dead via a web series that played during Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Flight 462 ran in short increments and by the end of series, Alex (Michelle Ang) was introduced in Season 2 of Fear. Following on from this success, AMC released Fear the Walking Dead: Passage. As yet, it is unclear if this series will also help introduce a new character to Season 3 of Fear.

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Season 3 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns in 2017. Season 7 of The Walking Dead returns with Episode 3 (entitled “The Cell”) on Sunday, November 6, at 9 p.m. ET.

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