‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 65 Preview Shows One-Sided Battle, Rumored Episode 66, 67, 68 Leaks False?

Simon Alvarez - Author

Oct. 31 2016, Updated 9:30 p.m. ET

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 promises a lot of action, and if the episode’s preview is any indication, this is exactly what fans of the long-running anime series will get. After a grand clash of power in Episode 64, the villains of the current arc, Zamasu and Black Goku, have finally used their potara earrings to fuse with each other, forming a Super Saiyan White-esque god being that seems to hold overwhelming power. Thus, if classic Dragon Ball tropes are to be considered, a similarly fused warrior will soon emerge from the heroes’ side.

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Episode 64 brought back a lot of what fans truly love about the Dragon Ball. There was a lot of humor, a lot of intense power-ups, and most of all, a lot of classic inhuman beat-downs. Future Trunks had his moment, temporarily sealing away Zamasu, while Son Goku and Vegeta continue their respective battles. By the end of the episode, the villains opted to fuse, creating a godlike being that is most likely the most powerful enemy the Z fighters have yet to face.

The merged form of Zamasu and Black Goku, whose name still remains a mystery for now, will undoubtedly hold immense power. In the brief preview from Episode 65, titled “Final Retribution?! The Supreme God’s Ultimate POWER,” the godlike fused villain was depicted laying waste on both the land and the Z fighters seemingly without any problem. With this in mind, numerous fans are speculating that the only way the Z fighters can beat the villain would be to conduct a fusion themselves.

Rumors of the return of a fused fighter, possibly Vegito, have been emerging frequently among Dragon Ball fans in recent weeks. Vegito was last seen in the final arcs of the much-loved Dragon Ball Z series, and the character’s brief appearance, together with its overwhelming power and strength, have made it iconic among DB fans. Thus, it is not surprising that Dragon Ball fans are speculating that the powerful fighter would make an appearance in DBS once more.


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