Scott Disick Talks About Parenting, Thoughts On Rob Kardashian Becoming A Dad

Scott Disick knows a thing or two about being a dad, and now he is speaking out about his thoughts on parenting and also how he thinks Rob Kardashian will do as a father. People shared what Scott Disick had to say while speaking out about his thoughts. Scott is co-parenting right now with Kourtney Kardashian, and these two actually seem to have it figured out pretty well. Kourtney has made it clear she may want more children in the future, but of course, she isn’t even with Scott right now.

Scott shared that he has talked to Rob Kardashian about being a first-time father, but he isn’t giving him any really big advice about parenting. Here is what Scott Disick had to say.

“I think he’s going to be a great dad. You learn as you go. There’s no real advice you can give anybody, and if anybody says there is, they’re lying.”

Now Scott and Kourtney have three children under the age of six at home. Mason is their oldest son, and Scott was asked about the best advice he got before Mason was born, but Disick can’t remember anything great being told to him. He said, “None. I could have used some advice probably. It’s not easy. Kids don’t come with a rule book. You gotta figure it out yourself. It’s one of those things.”


Scott Disick also hasn’t stopped his partying ways. Everyone knows that Kourtney isn’t a fan of Scott hosting events at nightclubs where there will be a lot of drinking going on, but that doesn’t keep Scott from doing it. He recently hosted a party at 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas. Scott went to Kanye’s show with Corey Gamble and then headed out to the nightclub. He even wore a costume that was Clark Kent, which was basically Scott dressed like normal but wearing a Superman shirt under his normal clothes. He shared his thoughts on Halloween.

“The kids really like it, so it makes me want to get into the spirit of it. Before that, I was not a monster Halloween guy, per se, but it’s fun now.”

Scott didn’t have Kourtney with him, and he also wasn’t being filmed, but Scott is still doing reality television. He said, “I think reality TV is just a part of our life and it follows our lives. I’m not steering in or out of it. It’s just kind of second nature at this point. You’ve got to remember everyone in production we’ve been with for 10 years, so it’s basically a big family.”


Another thing that Scott Disick talked about was the fact that their family is really close and Rob’s new daughter will have a lot of people to hang out with her. E! Online shared the details about what Scott Disick had to say. He shared that their family is so close that the little kids are more like siblings than just cousins. Penelope, Mason, and Reign are always hanging out with Kim Kardashian’s little ones. Hopefully, Rob Kardashian’s little girl will be around them all the time as well. The family is all really close and Rob is finally back to being around the family once again.

What do you think of what Scott Disick has to say about his parenting skills and his advice for Rob Kardashian? Do you feel like Rob will be a great father like Scott says? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!. Even though Scott isn’t with Kourtney, you still get to see him every week on the show.

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