Clown Sightings Map: App Helps Locate Killer Clowns On Halloween

A clown sightings map might be something that you need this Halloween — and beyond — as people all over the United States and Canada have been terrified by killer clowns. According to Heatstreet, there is a new app that allows you to track these creepy clowns so that you can avoid areas where they’ve been spotted. The app also takes into account reports sent to authorities, helping calculate just how clown-populated a given area is.

CreepTrek is being downloaded by thousands of people ahead of Halloween night in hopes that they may avoid running into one of these frightening and sometimes dangerous people in costume.

“CreepTrek uses Google maps to plot the creepy clown sightings that recently plagued the United States and Canada. Each incident is carefully catalogued with location and information from authorities, and each marker notes whether any clowns were actually found pursuant to the sighting.”

The clown sightings map was created by 17-year-old Rocco Marchitto from Denver, Colorado. Marchitto said that he created the app as a way to help kids stay safe while trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

“Halloween is the essential date here. It is just such a perfect time for creeps to scare children just for their own entertainment, and it could become a safety hazard if it gets out of hand,” he said.

Marchitto decided to create CreepTrek after his younger sister was approached by a clown outside of her school in Colorado. In fact, Colorado appears to be the most densely populated area for clowns in the United States.

Clown sightings map

The clown sightings map has its benefits but also its downfalls. The clown map is crowdsourced, which makes accuracy a bit difficult. Some people believe the app isn’t accurate because the problem is already way out of hand, but having an idea of where killer clowns might be lurking is good enough for many people — especially those suffering from coulrophobia.

Based on the clown sightings map, there have been multiple clown sightings in the United States and Canada. This isn’t just one or two people trying to scare the living daylights out of their neighbors.

Clown sightings map
United States and Canada clown sightings [Image by Google Maps/Creep Trek]

According to the International Business Times, there have been a plethora of reports of clown sightings that have caused school closings across the nation. At the same time, some of these reports have actually been false, making it hard to know what’s actually going on. The majority of clown troubles occurred in September, but that doesn’t mean that the craze is over. In fact, many fear that Halloween is going to bring out more clowns.

Many schools have prohibited students from wearing clown costumes this Halloween, and authorities have warned citizens about the issue which is still very serious. In many ways, these clowns are terrorizing the nation and — whether you have a fear of clowns or not — some of these people are considered dangerous.

The clown sightings map isn’t going to tell you where every single clown in America is, so it’s important to still be mindful of your surroundings as you head out on Halloween night. If you see anything suspicious, you are encouraged to call the police. Authorities in different cities have warned residents about potential killer clowns and the issue is still something that could be a problem tonight — and in the future.

Are you afraid of clowns? Will you be using the clown sightings map to avoid areas that have had many clown sightings? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]