‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope’s Secret Is Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Hope’s secret will finally come out! During the Halloween episode, it looks like Hope’s deadly secret will finally be revealed. As we know, Hope’s shady past has been teased for weeks now, but it looks like she will finally have to deal with the truth coming to a head in the latest installment of Days of Our Lives.

As the Inquisitr reported, Hope killed Stefano and has been hiding that secret for some time now. However, her ex Aiden is threatening to unleash this news if she doesn’t get back together with him. It sounds like his blackmailing plan might not have worked, given that Hope has made it clear that she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Rafe. That said, Hope isn’t in the clear.

Days of Our Lives spoilers via TV Over Mind state that it’s actually not Aiden who leaks the phone call that has Hope admitting to the murder of Stefano. Even though Rafe and Hope think they’re safe, the news comes out at the worst possible moment for the couple. As the pair are receiving an award in front of practically all of Salem, the shocking secret will be unveiled, and obviously it will have repercussions.

“Someone decides now is the time and place to play a tape of Hope readily admitting she is the person responsible for Stefano’s death, and everyone hears. She’s mortified, ashamed, and she’s going to be in serious trouble.”

So what does this mean for Hope? As the Inquisitr reported, Hope will have to stand trial for the murder of Stefano.

Days of Our Lives spoilers claim that court scenes will be filmed, and Hope will be front in center at the trial. It’s stated that the trial will probably happen in November. As for whether or not she will go to prison for good, it’s undetermined at this point. As for Rafe, it’s said that he will stick by Hope, because he knows that she has suffered a terrible loss after Bo’s death. It’s suspected that even though Rafe will stand by Hope, this might have the potential to put a strain on the relationship.

Rafe isn’t the only one who will have to deal with the fallout from Hope’s secret and the trial. New spoilers reveal that the news hits Ciara, Hope’s daughter, really hard.

“She’s been a huge fan of her mother her entire life, and their relationship has always been a close one. Now she knows her mom has killed a man, and things aren’t looking good for her.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal there’s one death that might not stick. As it turns out, Orpheus’ body is missing after he’s checked on in the morgue, which obviously leads many to believe that he wasn’t dead after all and might be on the loose again. As of right now, it’s not yet known whether or not this means that Orpheus will wreak havoc on the residents of Salem once again.

As we know, Orpheus was trapped by John and Steve. Once Orpheus captured John, it looked like he was going to meet his end, but Steve showed up in the end to turn the tables on Orpheus. It isn’t a surprise to find out that Orpheus may still be alive, as deaths rarely stick on Days of Our Lives.

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