WikiLeaks Releases More Emails, Announces Roll-Out Of ‘Phase Three’ Of Election Coverage, Vows Clinton Arrest [Video]

With the general election just a little more than a week away, WikiLeaks has announced that it is soon planning to being “phase three” of its election coverage via the WikiLeaks Twitter account. What that means, precisely, no one is really sure, as WikiLeaks’ announcement was fairly cryptic. However, it did include a call for donations to help keep the whistle-blowing operation up and running.

The announcement from WikiLeaks came on Sunday evening, and it has followers of the Julian Assange-backed WikiLeaks organization nearly salivating as they wait for more fuel for the Hillary Clinton witch-burning fire. As the Hill reports, WikiLeaks appears to gaining support from a wide swath of disappointed and angry American voters as the general election looms.

Many of the newest and most enduring WikiLeaks supporters are simply sick of the government status quo in general, and a lot of them aren’t just mad at Hillary Clinton. Many of those who avidly read and support WikiLeaks don’t want to see Donald Trump in the White House either. Quite a few are sick of the options that have presented themselves since the demise of the Bernie Sanders campaign and have turned to WikiLeaks in the hopes that the organization will help them vote their third-party candidate of choice into the White House.

Immediately after the Sunday WikiLeaks announcement, many of the site’s most devout supporters tweeted out their hope that “phase three” of the WikiLeaks election coverage would put an end to Clinton’s presidential dreams and possibly even result in the Democratic nominee being incarcerated.

Even without WikiLeaks, Hillary has had a rough week. James Comey, the FBI director broke his bureau’s chain of command and went against the express wishes of those in the Department of Justice when he released a letter pertaining to a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, serious WikiLeaks fodder. The news broke Friday, and even though rumors that the email investigation was being reopened were debunked within hours, the sensational story was still a huge blow to the Clinton campaign.

Even without considering the potential effects of WikiLeaks launching a new phase of its Clinton attack, the race between Clinton and Trump has gotten much tighter in the last week. WikiLeaks is clearly hoping that they can help Trump secure the presidency.

While WikiLeaks has spent a lot of time targeting Hillary Clinton throughout this election cycle, the organization has also repeatedly attacked the entire Democratic party, releasing hacked emails that rocked the DNC to its core. It’s entirely possible that whatever WikiLeaks has in store could be broader and more reaching than simply another targeted attack on Clinton.

While WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have targeted Hillary Clinton with extreme veracity throughout the election cycle, Assange and WikiLeaks have promised that the next “WikiLeak” will result in not just the end of Clinton’s campaign, but her arrest as well. As Jamie Dupree’s Washington Insider reports, Assange is claiming that the material WikiLeaks has been sitting on will lead to an indictment of Clinton.

According to WikiLeaks, that information will be released as part of the organization’s next “information dump.”

Of course, WikiLeaks has been promising to release that kind of information for almost the entire duration of the 2016 presidential campaign, often seemingly doing nothing besides seeking attention and the letting legions of followers and supporters down when it fails to deliver.

It’s also worth nothing that the anti-Clinton WikiLeaks reporting that claims Assange has the goods to have Clinton arrested was done by RT, a news outlet notoriously supported by the Russian government. The RT network has spent plenty of time this election cycle trying to distance Russia from multiple Clinton-attacking hacking scandals, such as the hack of the DNC emails earlier this year.

Hillary Clinton has steadfastly contended that Russian hackers are a primary source of WikiLeaks information. WikiLeaks denies the tight connection to Russia.

What do you think? Does WikiLeaks still have time to pull off it’s touted “October Surprise?” Has WikiLeaks been a major influence on the U.S. election? Do you think that WikiLeaks is trustworthy? Is it possible that WikiLeaks has information that will lead to Hillary’s arrest?

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