Drake Begs Kanye West To Stop Kim Kardashian From Dissing Taylor Swift Amid Dating Rumors

Drake is not cool with the fact that Kim Kardashian has reignited her feud with Taylor Swift.

The rapper is said to be annoyed that Kim has yet again taken shots at the singer via social media, having liked a tweet about Calvin Harris releasing his music video to the Swift-inspired diss track, titled “My Way.”

While nobody knew whether Taylor and Kim were still feuding with one another, Kardashian’s decision to log into her Twitter account just to like that particular tweet definitely made it clear that the 36-year-old has no plans of making up with Swift anytime soon.

According to Hollywood Life, however, Drake is bothered about the fact that Kim won’t let the feud die down and move on with her life.

While Drake has a lot of love for Kim, who he considers a close friend, Drake has started reaching out to Kanye West, hoping that he can convince his wife to stop taking unnecessary digs at Taylor, for she has no interest to fight over social media anymore.

“Drake texted Kanye and asked him, politely, to tell his girl to back off Taylor,” a source tells the outlet.

“Drake stays on social media like it’s a job and is aware of Kim’s jab. He told Ye that he’s cool with him and Kim, but Taylor could use a little more respect!”

The insider makes it known that Drake was very polite with his request to stop Kim from bashing Taylor Swift, and Kanye definitely understood where he was coming from.

After all, the issue Kanye and Kim have had with Taylor happened over the summer. The couple was livid when Swift lied about not acknowledging the fact that she knew about Kanye’s “b***h” reference on his hit song, “Famous,” which infuriated Kim beyond belief.

The mother of two branded Taylor Swift as a snake and a liar in the aftermath of leaking the video tape where the former country singer was clearly on board with the song’s context before its release in February.

Drake has really bonded with Taylor in the last couple of months, particularly earlier this week, when he invited her to his 30th birthday bash in West Hollywood, Complex confirms.

The “One Dance” hitmaker considers Taylor just as much of a friend as he does with Kim, so the fact that Kardashian would reignite their feud has left him somewhat baffled since Swift hasn’t said a thing about Kim the summer.

“Taylor’s become like his little sister and he’s found himself protecting her and doesn’t think Kim should be petty by trying to get underneath Tay’s skin. Drake doesn’t know if Ye read the text yet but he’s definitely asking him and Kim to pump their breaks on the Taylor jabs.”

Taylor Swift has bene dealing with endless feuds this past year. Aside from the drama with Kanye and Kim, the “Blank Space” hitmaker found herself beefing with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who she allegedly dumped via a text message, before going on to confirm her romance with Tom Hiddleston two weeks later.

That same month, Katy Perry chimed in when Calvin Harris infamously revealed how Taylor had tried to sabotage the “Roar” singer’s career for supposedly having stolen her backup dancers in the midst of plans to kick off her world tour at the time.

Taylor could really use a break from all the shade throwing that has come her way lately, and Drake couldn’t agree more. Like the source says, he considers Taylor his little sister and wants to make sure she’s not finding herself being targeted by her Hollywood peers ever again.

Do you think Drake makes a good point regarding the reignited feud between Kim and Taylor, or is Drake overstepping his line and should refrain from involving himself in women’s drama?

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]