‘RHONJ’ Season Finale: Teresa Giudice And Jacqueline Laurita End Friendship [Video]

The Season 7 finale of Bravo’s hit reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey was supposed to end with a sit-down conversation between stars Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita. But it was the sit-down that never was, because Jacqueline ran off after her demands weren’t met during her meeting with RHONJ OG Teresa.

Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, and Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, spent years as friends and later as co-stars on RHONJ — they were so close that their husbands Chris Laurita, Joe Giudice, and Joe Gorga were pals too. But the ladies had a falling out after Jacqueline criticized Teresa and Joe Giudice’s legal problems and Melissa sided with her sister-in-law.

Teresa’s friendship with Jacqueline deteriorated throughout the season, which really came to a head during a girl’s trip to Vermont, according to People. But their friendship officially ended during the RHONJ season finale at a sit-down at a restaurant set up by co-stars Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, so that Jacqueline could address her problems with Teresa and Melissa. Jacqueline said she wanted to talk to Melissa and Teresa one-on-one and when they refused, she got up and left.

After Jacqueline left, Siggy and Dolores asked Teresa and Melissa if they would ever consider meeting with their former friend Jacqueline one-on-one. Instead of answering, Teresa asked for a glass of sangria, but Melissa said that she would be open to a one-on-one conversation with Jacqueline.

“100 percent, go get her,” Melissa said during the RHONJ season finale

“You and I can go together, ’cause I’d like to tell her she was wrong,” Siggy said.

“Listen, she’s a conniving, twisted, f**king b**ch,” Teresa told the ladies, but they still wanted to bring Jacqueline back for a chat with Melissa.

“You’re in agreement that the way this was just handled was wrong on her side—yes or no?” Siggy asked Dolores to make sure they were all on the same page, and she agreed.

“Then let’s go,” she said, getting up from her seat and leaving to go find Jacqueline.

The camera cut to a clip of Jacqueline, who was already walking towards her car in the parking lot of the restaurant and the women followed her.

“I’m not like afraid to sit with her, I just don’t want to sit with her,” Teresa told her sister-in-law back at the table, and Melissa told Teresa that she didn’t feel comfortable leaving her alone with their frenemy.

“Teresa, I’m not going back to your brother that I left Teresa in a room alone with Jacqueline and now Teresa has problems,” Melissa said.

Meanwhile, outside, Dolores and Siggy saw Jacqueline’s SUV pulling out of its parking spot. Dolores kicked off her high heels so that she could run across the parking lot. After complaining that she had just gotten a pedicure, Siggy took off her heels too and ran after Dolores. Both ladies ran barefoot on the pavement, chasing after her and calling Jacqueline’s name in a clip from the RHONJ season finale.

But Jacqueline opened the door of the SUV long enough to blow a kiss to her friends, then shut the door and drove off, according to E! News.

“Siggy and I, we tried our best,” Dolores said in her on-camera interview. “Melissa and Teresa both came in with a chip on their shoulder and then Jacqueline pointed at them — first of all, on a good day, you don’t speak to an Italian person like that.”

“That relationship’s over,” Dolores said as the ladies made their way back into the restaurant. “This is the last ditch effort.”

Back inside, Teresa and Melissa were still talking about the way Jacqueline approached them.

“She wants them out of the room so that she could go back and tell them…” Teresa said but Melissa finished her sentence for her.

“So that no one tells her she’s wrong,” Melissa said.

Siggy and Dolores came back into the room and took their seats at the table and Teresa said she knew that Jacqueline was going to react the way she did. But Siggy reminded Melissa that she was friends with Jacqueline for five years and Teresa was friends with her for 11 years — but it didn’t matter to Teresa.

“She’s done, she’s dead to me,” Teresa said. “I wanted to give her the kiss of death today but I can’t even f**king look at her. She makes me sick, she makes me want to f**king vomit.”

Watch the full clip from the RHONJ season finale below.

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