NFL Scores: New England Patriots Beat Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady Sets Another Record

Every fan base in the NFL has a player that they absolutely loathe because they completely dominated the rivalry. Tom Brady is that guy for the Buffalo Bills. The Patriots defeated them by a score of 41-25, as reported by ESPN.

Throughout his illustrious career, Brett Favre played against the Detroit Lions a grand total of 35 times. He won 26 of those games. That is a current record in the NFL. Tom Brady just tied that record by defeating the Buffalo Bills for the 26th time. The New England Patriots starting quarterback will more than likely break that record before he decides to jump into retirement.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were looking for revenge on the Buffalo Bills because of what happened in their first matchup of the season. The Patriots failed to score a point, which was the first time that it happened since 1993. That was well before Bill Belichick and Tom Brady joined the franchise, but they both took it personally.

Things between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots were so lopsided that Tom Brady did not even bother to finish the game. With approximately four minutes left in the fourth quarter, Bill Belichick decided to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo for clean up duties. Garoppolo is more than likely going to be leaving the Patriots soon because his stock is very high and can bring back plenty of trade assets for Belichick in a trade.

Despite Tom Brady being suspended for the first four games by the NFL, the New England Patriots are now sitting on a 7-1 record. They are simply on too much of a roll. In fact, the Patriots have so much momentum that they were able to easily overcome the return of Marcell Dareus. The Buffalo Bills defensive lineman had been serving a four-game suspension and been spending three games on the sidelines because of a hamstring injury.

Julian Edelman [Image by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]

Against the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady proved that he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He threw for 315 passing yards. Brady also threw four touchdown passes without having a single interception. It was the type of game that most other players would love to have on their resume.

Tyrod Taylor did not do nearly as well for the Buffalo Bills as Tom Brady did for the New England Patriots. He missed on half of the 38 passing attempts. While Taylor did not throw an interception, he also failed to throw a touchdown. Rex Ryan opted to put in EJ Manuel before the game ended.

The New England Patriots did not receive much from their running game. Even though LeGarrette Blount scored a touchdown for the team, he only managed to gain 43 yards on an average of 2.4 yards per carry. Fortunately for the Patriots, the running game does not have to be that strong when Brady is on a roll.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor [Image by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]

With three rushing touchdowns, the Buffalo Bills were essentially reminded of what the team could do if their passing game had been more productive against the New England Patriots. That falls on Tyrod Taylor, who chipped in with one of the three touchdowns. The quarterback also provided the team with 48 rushing yards.

Joining in on the passing game fun were Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola. All four of them caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady. That made it much easier to beat the Buffalo Bills.

As long as Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan are on opposite sidelines, the two teams on the field are going to generate some interest. Fans are hoping that the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills meet one another again for the third time.

[Featured Image by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]