Biggest Casino Slot Machine Win Ever Refused: Woman Who Won Almost $43 Million Denied Jackpot After Claim Machine Malfunctioned

Patrick Frye - Author

Oct. 31 2016, Updated 9:33 a.m. ET

A New York woman who reportedly won close to $43 million on a slot machine jackpot was refused payout by the casino. The distraught woman plans to sue Resorts World Casino, where she hit the mega jackpot.

Resorts World Casino, which operates in New York, has refused to honor the $42,949,672.76 mega jackpot that Katrina Bookman, a New York resident, managed to hit on one of their slot machines. The casino has denied any monetary payout and, instead, offered a steak dinner to Bookman. Needless to say, the woman has refused the compensation and plans to sue the casino.

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Interestingly, Bookman had all the legitimate proof, including a selfie she took with the notification flashing on the screen that confirmed she had won the biggest slot machine jackpot in the history of the country. However, Bookman was asked to report to the casino management the next day, only to be informed that the casino won’t be paying her the winning amount.

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Bookman was ecstatic when she saw the notification on the slot machine she had been playing. The notification, accompanied with flashing lights and music, informed her that she had just won close to $43 million. She had been using the slot machine put up by Resorts World Casino in New York. Although she was overcome with euphoria, Bookman managed to capture the winning notification in a selfie she took with the machine. The selfie clearly displays the winning message.

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While the mood on the casino floor was celebratory, officials drew Bookman to a quiet area off the casino floor and asked her to come back the next day. When the woman, still delirious from the news, reached the casino, the management delivered the shocking news. The casino informed her that it wouldn’t be issuing a payout for the winnings, and instead, she could enjoy a steak dinner at the casino’s expense.

The reason Resorts World Casino gave for denying the payout was that the machine Bookman was playing on had malfunctioned. Hence, the casino maintains that it owes Bookman nothing, but as a courtesy, they are offering a steak dinner at the casino’s expense.

Speaking about her bitter experience with the casino management, Bookman said, “I said what did I win? [The casino representative said,] ‘You didn’t win nothing,”

Resorts World Casino, where the woman hit the mega jackpot, has a notice attached to all slot machines.

Besides warning all players must 18 or older to operate the slot machines, these stickers note, “Malfunction voids all pays and plays.”

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Interestingly, the New York State Gaming Commission appeared to support Resorts World Casino and informed ABC7 News that the slot machine Bookman was playing on had malfunctioned. The Commission added that subsequent to the incident, the machine was immediately yanked off the casino floor for repairs. Interestingly, the machine appears to have been fixed and has already resumed operations.

Shockingly, the Gaming Commission added that as per the prevalent law, Bookman isn’t entitled to the jackpot. At the max, Bookman stands to win just $2 and 25 cents.

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As expected, Bookman is planning to sue Resorts World Casino, reported Complex. Her attorney, Alan Ripka, feels she has a strong case.

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“The machine takes your money when you lose. It ought to pay it when you win. They win and the house doesn’t want to pay out. To me that’s unfair.”

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As for Bookman, she feels the casino should at least award the maximum payout the Sphinx’slot machine is permitted to payout. The casino’s slot machine that Bookman was playing on is able to dish out the maximum payout of $6,500, reported EurWeb.

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