Best Horror Movies For Halloween For A Scary-Fun Time

Some of the best horror movies are perfectly suited for Halloween. Horror movies like Halloween and The Exorcist are designed strictly to terrify. Others, like Scary Movie or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, are made just to make people laugh. But there are plenty of movies that have a good balance of comedy and horror, and they make for fun time for Halloween. The titles listed below are scary. However, they all offer some laughs or wit in between all of the fright.

The Evil Dead Franchise

It’s nearly impossible to mention fun horror movies without including Bruce Campbell. This cult classic trilogy led to the current television series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. Though the first movie plays out like a pure horror film, the second (Evil Dead 2) and third (Army of Darkness) installments utilize plenty of humor.

best horror movies for Halloween
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You’re Next

An addition to the “home invasion” genre of horror, You’re Next has plenty of gore, suspense, and dark humor.

An American Werewolf in London

Werewolves are synonymous with Halloween, and this is one of the best werewolf movies ever made. John Landis (The Blues Brothers) directs this horror-comedy that has pleased audiences for decades.


Blending alien-invasion and zombies, Slither makes for a gross-out good time for Halloween.

Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell is at it again! This film is perfect for those who have been curious about what it would be like if John F. Kennedy and Elvis teamed up to fight a mummy.

Fright Night

A list of Halloween movies wouldn’t be complete with a vampire film, and Fright Night is one of the best! Between suspense, humor, and nostalgia, this ’80s classic is sure to provide a fun time for audiences.

The Scream Franchise

From The Last House on the Left to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven was an innovative genius when it came to horror. Just when the genre was growing stale, Craven created Scream. There are four movies in the franchise, and though the first two are considered the best by most, all of them are great for a fun time. The late Roger Ebert described why this is one of the best movies for Halloween.

“‘Scream’ is not about the plot. It is about itself. In other words, it is about characters who *know* they are in a plot… The heroine has been rejecting her boyfriend’s advances, and just as well: As another character points out, virgins are never victims in horror films. Only bad boys and girls get slashed to pieces. Realizing they’re in the midst of a slasher plot, the characters talk about who could play them… The movie itself, for all of its ironic in-jokes, also functions as a horror film–a bloody and gruesome one, that uses as many clichés as it mocks.”

best halloween horror movies
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This list has covered many of the Halloween staples: zombies, vampires, mummies, werewolves, and now a good old-fashioned ghost story. Housebound is as witty as it is scary. With so many out there, it’s hard to find movies featuring a ghost story that is original—this one certainly is!


John Goodman’s movies rarely disappoint, and this one certainly delivers. Plus, it has Jeff Daniels. In a nod to creature features of yesteryear, Arachnophobia is perfect for those who want a few laughs while being given the heebie-jeebies from countless spiders.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

If you have ever wondered why horror villains (like Halloween’s Michael Myers) can walk at a slow pace, yet catch up to his would-be victims that are running, then this is the movie for you. Shot like a documentary, the majority of the movie plays out like a comedy; but the ending sequences are pure suspense and horror.


A true cult classic, Tremors is a brilliant monster movie that is a thrill-joy to watch.

The Final Girls

This comedic picture offers one of the most unique plots of modern horror movies: A young woman loses her mother, a legendary scream queen from ’80s slasher movies, and she is pulled into the world of one of her mom’s films. Now she and her mom must fight to survive the psychotic killer.

best Halloween horror movies
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The Cabin in the Woods

Considered one of the best horror movies in recent history, perhaps no film is more suitable for Halloween than The Cabin in the Woods: it uses every trope in the genre while featuring nearly every horror villain ever made. It does this while remaining highly unique and it delivers plenty of laughs, scares, and action.

best Halloween horror movies
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The banter between Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford alone is worth the view. For those that have not yet seen the movie, you may want to avoid watching the video below. But for those that have seen it, you will probably find it beneficial before revisiting the film.


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