Why Kylie Minogue And Joshua Sasse Are ‘Not Comfortable Getting Married’

Kylie Minogue had several failed romances before she met Joshua Sasse, the British actor who’s currently her fiancé. In the past, the Australian singer/songwriter/actress had been romantically involved with high-profile celebrities, including INXS’s Michael Hutchence, Olivier Martinez, and model Andrés Velencoso. Even though she’s suffered emotionally after each breakup, the “Love at First Sight” singer has remained a true believer in love, and her relationship with Joshua Sasse appears to have boosted her confidence.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua fell in love after meeting on the set of Galavant, ABC’s fantasy television series and their love blossomed very quickly. Happily, they were engaged within just one year of their first meeting. Fans have been excited about the singer’s upcoming marriage, and there have been rumors that Kylie Minogue and Joshua were, in fact, secretly married on the Greek island of Siphnos.

Even though these rumors have been dismissed, the popular singer and her fiancé have expressed their wish to be married soon, and they hope to tie the knot in Melbourne. However, the likelihood of the couple’s Melbourne wedding anytime soon has been hampered by the Australian government’s unwillingness to pass legislation legalizing gay marriage.

Being strong advocates of same-sex marriage, both Joshua and Kylie Minogue have agreed to postpone their marriage while fighting to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia. According to the Mirror, Joshua revealed that the issue of legalizing gay marriage has become more important to them than their own impending marriage.

“There are chances of a Melbourne wedding, but me and Kylie have talked about it, and we are not comfortable getting married until this law has passed.”

Attempting to make their voices heard, Joshua Sasse has launched the “Say ‘I Do’ Down Under” global campaign to make people more aware of the issue. The Australian government has proposed a plebiscite to gain a clearer understanding of the views of Australian citizens about the issue. However, Joshua is urging the government to move forward and pass a law, thus bowing to the demands of many activists who are fighting for marriage equality in Australia. According to The Guardian, Kylie Minogue has criticized Australia for being backward in respect to its views on marriage equality.

Additionally, Sasse wants Australia to fall in line with other Anglophobic nations who have already legalized same-sex marriage. News Australia reports that Kylie Minogue’s partner has strengthened his argument by citing the example of the American society which welcomed the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling, criticizing the state-level ban on same-sex marriages.

As part of their campaign, Joshua Sasse is encouraging people to support his cause by wearing t-shirts with Australia’s rainbow-colored map, printed with the “Say ‘I Do’ Down Under” slogan. Kylie Minogue’s recent photos show her promoting the campaign by wearing the campaign t-shirt. The happy couple’s efforts are widely supported by many celebrities, all vocal supporters of gay marriage. Besides Margot Robbie, veteran celebrities, including Dolly Parton and Ellen DeGeneres have shown their solidarity by joining Kylie Minogue’s fight to achieve marriage equality in Australia.

Kylie Minogue has always been considered a gay icon, probably because she never conformed to the expectations of society or the media to maintain her popularity. Additionally, she’s refrained from achieving publicity by making statements that are contrary to her own beliefs.

The Australian singer has always been proud of what she is, and it is her self-confident attitude that strikes a chord with the gay community. Earlier, Minogue revealed that she struggled to establish herself as a singer because she was pigeonholed by the press who categorized her as an actress. However, the hugely successful singer continued fighting and became a worldwide celebrated pop icon by standing firm for her beliefs. The “Put Yourself in My Place” singer’s transition from a budding actress to a world-famous pop queen has been a huge inspiration to her gay fans.

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