Paris Hilton Emerges From Hiding, Parties Across The Globe — And Gets Paid For It!

Paris Hilton has emerged from out of the shadows. Though the former reality star and heiress has never really disappeared, she has since taken a break from the spotlight. Paris still parties, but she mostly gets paid for it.

Paris Hilton was spotted dressed up for Halloween as a sexy Little Red Riding Hood, as reported via PopCrush. The blonde starlet was photographed wearing a red velvet cape over a cleavage-baring corseted dress, which featured a red and white ruffled skirt. Hilton topped off her look with black thigh-high stockings, black pumps, a black choker, and a black bow in her hair. She even took to Instagram to share her sexy costume from Saturday night.

Paris Hilton
[Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Casamigos Tequila]

She also dressed up as a sexy Alice in Wonderland, as evidenced in this latest Instagram photo.

The Daily Telegraph recently published the report, “Whatever happened to Paris Hilton?” The starlet once graced our television sets with her reality show The Simple Life with her former BFF Nicole Richie, which ended in 2007. These days, Hilton wants to stay away from reality TV. She even revealed that she doesn’t agree with Nicky Hilton’s newborn daughter, Lily, being photographed or on TV.

“I wouldn’t recommend [reality TV],” she told the outlet. “[Lily] is going to do much bigger things in life than that. I think it’s better to be a businesswoman.”

The 35-year-old now describes herself as “an entrepreneur by day and DJ by night.” Hilton still earns most of her money from her ever-growing fragrance line. She just released Gold Rush, her 20th fragrance, earlier on this summer. Hilton has 28 handbag and accessory boutiques, most of which are popular overseas. Last month, she performed at Burning Man Festival.

It has been reported that Hilton makes millions of dollars for each DJ gig she performs. She told the British newspaper that she enjoys focusing on her business rather than being on TV or being a celebrity.

“I enjoy being a businesswoman,” she said. “It’s what I care about; building my brand and businesses around the world. I feel proud of the empire I have built. I like for people to focus more on my work as a businesswoman, rather than being a celebrity. I think it’s more important to be a respected businesswoman.”

The media is still focused on Hilton’s partying ways. She recently teamed up with Courtney Love at the 2016 amfAR Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday night, Oct. 27. Hilton wore a white evening gown, which featured cut-outs and a pleated floor-length skirt, as reported via the Daily Mail. She topped off her look with diamond earrings and a glittering tiara. Meanwhile, Love, 52, was decked out in a black lace evening gown.

Paris Hilton
[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for amfAR]

Earlier on that week, Hilton made headlines when she was spotted with Nicole Richie’s little sister, Sofia Richie, 18, yet again. The two have become close friends in recent days. This time around, the two were photographed leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Monday, Oct. 24, according to a separate Daily Mail report. Hilton celebrated Halloween early by looking like Marilyn Monroe in her white shift, which she paired with a diamond necklace, a blue fur stole, and white cat-eye sunglasses. Her signature blonde hair was even styled in Marilyn Monroe-esque waves, and she wore red lipstick.

The teenager wore a black silk jogging suit by Tommy Hilfiger. She paired the look with fur-embellished pumps and a white crop top. It’s been rumored that Sofia is gunning for the role to become the next Tommy Hilfiger model. Hilton took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with the younger Richie sister along with the caption: #Sisters4Life.”

While Hilton makes headlines for partying with the younger crowd, she says that she would rather be known for her work. When asked by the Daily Telegraph whether Donald Trump would make a good president, she replies “no” then adds that he is a “great businessman… he knows what he’s doing.” Then she talks about what makes her a great businesswoman.

“I love being an independent woman. I love focusing on my work and business. Everything is going incredibly well; I feel so lucky and proud. I feel like I finally know myself, I feel very in tune with myself, and very grateful. You grow from everything you go through. I guess I have no regrets I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

So, what’s next for Paris Hilton? She wants to open her own Paris Hilton-branded hotels, which she hopes will become a chain of resorts, restaurants, and bars. She is also looking forward to DJing and partying at Marquee nightclub when she visits Sydney next. She will also be in Australia on Nov. 17 to launch her new fragrance, Gold Rush, exclusively to the Chemist Warehouse.

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