Chronicle Cremation Designs Now Makes A Mug From You Loved One’s Ashes: Continue Your Morning Coffee Routine After Their Death

Losing a loved one is a horrific experience in anyone’s life. Losing a loved one that you shared your morning coffee or afternoon brunch with might cause the sadness to linger with each sip of your favorite coffee. However, a company called Chronicle Cremation Designs has created a method by which your loved one’s ashes are crafted into a coffee cup, or other items, so you are able to continue to share the experience with your loved one for the remainder of your life.

Chronicle Cremation Designs has devised a method in which they take the ashes from your loved ones and incorporate them into everyday items, including coffee mugs, bowls, plates, and more, according to Metro.

Now, as the holiday’s approach us, the beloved family member or friend is still able to still attend the dinners. Although not in person, their spirit will remain embedded within the dinnerware of your choosing, allowing them to sit at the table and partake in the festivities without missing out on any of the fun.

The somber memorial of the loved one may seem grotesque to some. However, the process used to incorporate your loved one’s ashes into the coffee cups and other assorted dinnerware is completely safe for the user and allows your loved one to be close at your side at all times.

It allows an intimate interaction, even after death.

Chronicle Cremation Designs founder Justin Crowe, 28, came up with the idea after completing an art project in which he created dinnerware from the ashes of 200 anonymous donors. Rather than simply create urns or other storage devices that sit on a shelf and collect dust, Crowe chose to create something a bit more interactive for the loved ones, allowing them to remain close to the deceased.

“Remembering a person through observing a picture or a cremation urn seemed distant and lonely,”

Originally, Crowe was not sure how to incorporate the ashes into interactive pieces that the loved ones would use regularly. However, friends soon approached him asking if he could make coffee mugs, bowls, or other dinnerware items from cremated ashes. Naturally, a light went off in Crowe’s head, and Chronicle Cremation Designs was born, according to the Guardian.

“Integrating someone’s ashes into ceramics is a way of infusing their memory into everyday life. So you can have coffee every morning with the memories of your grandmother, or have a bowl on the table to spark stories at family dinners.”

Purchasing a coffee mug, or other items that contain the ashes of a deceased loved one, is not cheap. The custom mug, alone, will cost about $199. The special glaze that is applied to the mug will cost an additional $399. So, a coffee mug that contains the ashes of a loved one will cost a minimum of $598. However, the daily interaction with the deceased loved one is worth it to many of Crowe’s customers.

The secret to incorporating the ashes into the piece is simple. The pottery itself does not contain any of the remains. However, the special glaze that is applied does contain the cremated remains, which not only allows the remains to adhere to the coffee mugs but also allows the loved one to touch the remains in some way.

Crowe has received mixed reviews regarding the items he sells.

“I’ve had people threaten me and tell me they are having me investigated. Or they’ve quoted the Bible and told me I’m going to hell. But then shortly after someone contacts me and tells me it’s a really beautiful project,”

Would you sip your coffee from a cup made with the cremated remains of a loved one?

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