Now That Hillary’s Done, Let’s Talk About Why Kaine Is Not A Valid Replacement

Update: Two separate FBI sources have told Fox News that an indictment is likely. We need to be thunderously clear that Tim Kaine is absolutely not an option.

Yeehaw! At the beginning of the month, I wrote a piece called “Hello October! The Month Hillary Has Been Dreading” about how Hillary will be smashed with a deluge of leaks and scandals throughout the month. That one only got a few hundred shares, but if you think that’s going to stop me from strutting around like I’m the digital-age Nostradamus, you don’t know me very well yet.

Stick a fork in Hillary and open the canned processed cranberry sauce, because that turkey is done. In response to FBI director James Comey announcing that new information pertinent to the criminal investigation of Clinton’s email case has surfaced, Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein said it’s “unthinkable” that Comey would take a drastic action with such severe implications unless it was “a real bombshell.” Former assistant FBI director Ron Hosko agrees, telling Fox News that Comey’s agents must have discovered emails that made them say, “Oh my God look what we have.”

RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer appeared on CNN recently with a Form 109 that Clinton’s longtime assistant (and wife of the source of the new leaks, pedophile and ex-Rep Anthony Weiner) Huma Abedin signed in 2013 swearing that she’d turned in all devices that contained confidential emails when she and her boss left the State department that year. Since this obviously did not happen, Abedin likely voided her immunity deal with the FBI, which means she may be compelled to rat on her bosses or face fines, sanctions, and/or imprisonment. Not surprisingly, the Daily Mail reports that she’s been off the campaign trail holing up in her apartment and that a new poll shows a third of voters have had their support for Clinton impacted by the FBI revelations. As if that weren’t enough, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas infamy has assured America that a recording of Clinton ‘demeaning and disparaging black people’ will be dropped early this week.

In light of all this and so much more, this Chicago Tribune article has been getting wide circulation calling for Democrats to pressure Clinton to step down and be replaced by Bernie Sanders.

Hahahaha! Just kidding! They want Tim Kaine.

Yes, Tim Kaine, the man who’s so far to the right they stood him next to Hillary Clinton just to make her look like a Democrat. The man who nobody voted for, the man with no primary delegates, the man who strongly supported the evil invasion of Iraq, the man Politico reports pushed for even fewer big bank regulations, the man who The Nation reports is a supporter of not just the predatory free trade agreements but even so-called “right-to-work” laws.

If this happens and Democrats are disappointed at the loss of their “first female candidate of a major party” moment in history, they will at least be able to take comfort in the nearly-as-historic event of two white male Republicans running against each other in a general election.

More importantly, let’s not forget that Tim Kaine most likely won his running mate spot by allowing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step into his place as DNC chair so that she could help rig the election for Obama’s hand-selected replacement, Hillary Clinton. A Podesta email released by WikiLeaks reveals that Kaine knew about his selection as running mate a full year before the public did, which means he must have done Clinton a pretty big favor to be promised something that huge long before it was necessary for her to choose a running mate. Obama, who is friends with Kaine, is known to have encouraged Kaine to step down as DNC chair and run for the Senate instead, after which Obama immediately installed former Clinton campaign co-chair Wasserman Schultz, who actively rigged the primary election for Clinton in what is easily the biggest election scandal for a first world country in living memory.

And it could very well come to this. If Hillary is indicted or drops dead today, you know for a fact that there will be a way to replace her. The last time there was talk of replacing Clinton, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the following on Fox News:

“The Democratic National Committee has all of the power of the Democratic National Convention when the convention is not in session. So the 104 members of the DNC, the committee, by a simple majority vote could remove her from the ticket and replace her.”

If this happens, we must all be very clear that Kaine is an unacceptable replacement. There is only one person who won enough delegates (Bernie), with enough popular support (Bernie), and the proper qualifications (Bernie) to make a claim to that spot on the roster should Clinton be indicted or forced to step down.

(It’s Bernie.)

As soon as rumblings of a replacement begin, we must make it abundantly clear to Democratic elites that a Republican who was only installed onto the ticket because of his willful abetting of an assault upon American democracy is not a valid replacement for Hillary Clinton. We must shake the earth and blot out the sky with our rage until they give us what they should never have stolen from us in the first place.

They owe us Bernie Sanders.

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