Rob Kardashian Still Worried About Not Being Father Of Blac Chyna Baby Amid Pilot Jones Drama?

Is Rob Kardashian still worried that he might not the father of Blac Chyna’s baby?

The former stripper is just days away from giving birth to Rob’s first child, but with reports claiming that Chyna allegedly had an ongoing affair with her former close friend Pilot Jones, Rob Kardashian has been left with mixed feelings regarding the situation.

Sources say that Pilot Jones’ comments about his alleged affair with Blac infuriated Kardashian beyond belief. He has been brushing it off when asked about it by family and friends, but there’s no denying that it has caused quite the tension between the sock designer and his pregnant fiancée.

According to Hollywood Life, Rob Kardashian has not been able to leave the matter unsettled, since Blac has already assured him that everything Pilot has told the media is nothing more than a big lie.

While Rob has no reason not to trust Blac, he’s annoyed by the fact that someone who was once considered to be a friend of the family would backstab them — Chyna, in particular — and make up a story for the sake of money.

According to reports, Rob Kardashian has already threatened Jones to retract his comments. The 28-year-old is fuming that, with just days away until the baby’s arrival, the TV star now has to deal with family and friends questioning his relationship with Chyna, and whether or not he truly is the father of the baby.

“This is being blown way out of proportion, Rob isn’t the type of guy anyone needs to be afraid of,” a source tells the outlet. “The family’s convinced Pilot Jones just went to the police to milk this for attention.”

This report comes just days after the LAPD confirmed reports that Kardashian had threatened Pilot Jones via a handful of text messages, thanks to Chyna, who he was able to get the phone number from, Entertainment Tonight states.

The couple is extremely annoyed by Pilot’s comments. They’ve had their ups and downs lately, and with the baby’s arrival being no more than a week away, this is the last thing Rob Kardashian wants to be dealing with.

“Last night, [Oct. 26] North Hollywood Police Department took a report naming Rob Kardashian as a suspect in a criminal threat. LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is aware and investigating and looking into the incident. No further details are provided and no report is available at this time,” an LAPD officer tells Hollywood Life.

Earlier this month, while the twosome’s reality show, Rob & Chyna, was still airing on TV, Blac famously opted to take a paternity test, hoping that it’ll stop the constant rumors concerning her loyalty to Rob Kardashian following a string of cheating allegations.

Blac sticks by the word: she has never cheated on Rob Kardashian since she got with him in January. While they have broken up on numerous occasions this past year, she has never stepped out on their relationship and hooked up with another man — especially not Pilot Jones, who she recently claimed was gay.

Kardashian is trying to focus his attention on the birth of his baby, realizing that the way he responded to the situation was wrong and uncalled for.

Both Rob Kardashian and Chyna are planning to move on from the drama that has come their way by no longer addressing Jones’ claims, knowing very well that he’s only out to get publicity off their relationship.

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