Kim Kardashian: Why ‘KUWTK’ Star Won’t Stop Dissing Taylor Swift Amid Robbery Scandal

Kim Kardashian is refusing to end her feud with Taylor Swift anytime soon.

Having yet to make her social media comeback official, the reality star was alleged to have logged into her Twitter account, where she was said to have liked a post about Calvin Harris dissing Taylor in his newest music video for “My Way.”

The tweet stayed up for several hours, sources confirm, before it was taken off Kim Kardashian’s list of liked tweets. But it was long enough for fans to take screenshots and evidently enough to get Kim Kardashian’s name trending on Twitter that very same day.

And while many had assumed that Kim and Taylor had squashed their feud, which all started with the Kanye West “Famous” reference, Kardashian very much has no interest in making up with Swift — not in the near future, at least.

The shady move to like a post that talks about Calvin dissing Taylor was Kim Kardashian’s way of letting her fans know that things have not changed between the duo.

The mother of two still detests Taylor after having accused the singer of lying when she claimed she was never informed about being called a “b***h” on Kanye’s hit song.

The audio, which Kardashian went on to leak following an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, proved that Taylor wasn’t completely honest about her version of events, and ever since that day, Kardashian and Swift have found themselves feuding via social media.

“It bugs Kim that the world sees Taylor as this sweet Disney princess, when in reality she is more of a manipulative, calculating businesswoman,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Kim is still resentful at Taylor for making Kanye look like he double crossed her. And Kim thinks standing by her man is a noble cause, but ultimately her PR told her to take down the tweet because it makes her look jealous and spiteful.”

It seemed rather odd for Kim Kardashian to log into her Twitter account just to like a tweet that strongly insinuates she still hates Taylor Swift, Mirror adds, but as the source already mentions, the 36-year-old can’t stand Taylor, and her latest move reinforces that.

Her decision to throw a dig at Taylor comes just days after Kim Kardashian was spotted at her husband’s final concert in Los Angeles, showing up with several crew members from the family’s hit reality show.

This evidently made it clear that Kim has officially returned to shooting scenes for the forthcoming series of KUWTK, despite initial reports having claimed that Kardashian wanted to take a long hiatus from the show in order to get her life back on track.

With insiders stressing how Kim has been losing more than $1 million per month with her absence from social media, it was only a matter of time before the aging TV mogul was set to make her return to the show that jumpstarted her career to begin with.

As previously mentioned, Kim Kardashian has removed the liked tweet from her favorites list, giving the impression that she eventually realized how reigniting her feud with Taylor was a bad move. After all, Kim is still trying to get her life back to normality following the scary Paris robbery attack.

But considering the fact that she’s throwing shade on social media, perhaps she’s overcome her fears and is ready to reclaim her throne as the most talked about socialite on the internet.

[Featured Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]