Soulja Boy And Lil Yachty Fight Over India Love On Instagram And Twitter — But Is It Real Or A Hoax?

Soulja Boy is currently engaged in a heated social media battle with Lil Yachty, a guy who burst on the scene with songs like “1 Night,” which explains Yachty’s desires to have sex with women for one night, but admits that he can’t have a wife.

Warning: The following Lil Yachty video for “1 Night” contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Well, it appears that Lil Yachty might care about women more than he lets on in that song.

Most recently, the Instagram account of Lil Yachty proclaimed that Soulja Boy was a fallen soldier.

“We’ve got a fallen soldier.”

soulja boy Soulja Boy [Image by Koi Sojer/Snap’N U Photos/MediaPunch/IPX]

The beef between Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy seems to have begun over India Love.

India is popular in her own right, as she has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

The beef seems to have started when India and Soulja appeared in photos on Soulja’s Instagram.

Soulja posted photos of himself holding a stack of cash, with India next to him in the passenger’s seat of a car.

Later, Lil Yachty apparently texted Soulja — according to screenshots posted on Instagram.

Lil Yachty asked why Soulja was “whylin on the gram,” or going wild and showing off with India on Instagram. Yachty said that he “f***’s” with Soulja — that is, he finds him a cool guy that he likes to hang around — but Yachty went on to say that Soulja needs to take down the photos of him with India.

Instead of taking down any photos, Soulja posted more photos, asking Lil Yachty how could India be his girl, because Soulja has claimed to have known Love for years.

Whether it was all a big joke that seriously spun out of control — or whether Soulja and Yachty are in on the beef and trying to get publicity — remains to be seen.

Either way, Soulja really went crazy or “ham,” as they say, on Lil Yachty in the next video, with the rapper claiming that he’s driving around Chiraq — Chicago — ready to give Lil Yachty a beat-down on sight.

Warning: The following video of Soulja Boy yelling contains language that might be disturbing to some viewers.


On his Instagram account, Soulja Boy made sure to clarify that although Lil Yachty — or Soulja, perhaps — never claimed to be dating Love, he asked why Lil Yachty called India his “shorty,” which could be code for girlfriend.

“Never said me India was dating. But @lilyachty I thought u said she was ur ‘shordy?’ Beefing over a girl that don’t claim u kill your self homie you a bozo.”

Soulja criticized Lil Yachty for his hit “1 Night” song, claiming that he didn’t like the song. That statement makes folks wonder if Soulja Boy is really jealous of Lil Yachty, seeing as though he is more known these days for his appearances on the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood more than his music.

Soulja famously burst onto the scene with “Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Crank That” back in 2009.

Now Soulja Boy is issuing threats to Lil Yachty, proclaiming that “1 Night” rapper told him how much he looked up to Soulja Boy when he first met him.

Soulja called Lil Yachty “Lil Boat” in his ranting video, and made fun of Yachty’s red hair by calling his braids Twizzlers.

one night
Lil Yachty [image by David Goldman/AP Images]

Meanwhile, people are leaving a bunch of boat emojis all over Soulja’s social media pages and Soulja’s name was listed under the trending topics section on Twitter because of the beef.

On India’s page, people are praising her for playing both guys against one another — but there’s no valid proof of that happening.

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