Matt Hardy ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ Episode Delayed Due To Lack Of Funds

There is a huge lawsuit ongoing right now between Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan concerning TNA Impact Wrestling. While Corgan claims the company is in dire financial need, Carter claims that it is untrue. However, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that one of the claims in the court case is that the upcoming Matt Hardy Total Nonstop Deletion episode has been postponed and delayed due to lack of funds.

For those who don’t know, Total Nonstop Deletion is part of the series of Matt Hardy-based events that has actually helped TNA Impact Wrestling recapture the imagination of fans once again. Total Nonstop Deletion is based around a tag team extravaganza where Matt Hardy has challenged any tag team from beyond space and time to battle the Broken Hardy’s.

“Impact Ventures had been planning a 3-day taping scheduled for November 1-3, 2016. However, on October 25, 2016, Impact Ventures postponed that event due to lack of funds.”

Despite the above-mentioned claims in the court reports, TNA Impact Wrestling and Dixie Carter have claimed that the reports of a lack of funds for the Total Nonstop Deletion episode are untrue — sort of. PWInsider reported that the actual problems came with logistical planning and the producers wanting to do more with the money they have to spend.


The original reports indicated that there was not enough money to fly the talent to the Hardy Compound in North Carolina for Total Nonstop Deletion. There are also reports that there was money to fly the talent in and put on the show, but Billy Corgan’s lawsuit froze the assets.

Here is the big problem for TNA Impact Wrestling. If they don’t get the Total Nonstop Deletion episode shot and ready to air on December 15, the company will be in breach of their television contract. Of course, there is also a chance that TNA Impact Wrestling could air a “best-of” television show instead, but word is that the company will shoot Total Nonstop Deletion regardless, even if Billy Corgan takes over.


Of course, most insiders revealed that the only reason Matt Hardy got the go-ahead for his Final Deletion match with Jeff Hardy, and later the Total Nonstop Deletion show, was because Billy Corgan fought for him. Most TNA Impact Wrestling officials were against the idea, so Corgan is the reason Total Nonstop Deletion could exist anyway.

Of course, this could be worse than losing Total Nonstop Deletion and end up as the end of TNA Impact Wrestling anyway. Rolling Stone reports that WWE is in negotiations to purchase TNA Impact Wrestling. If that were to happen, then it is likely that the WWE would shut down the promotion completely and just buy the video library.


Dixie Carter has claimed in her defense of TNA Impact Wrestling that Billy Corgan loaned her the money to help but never gave them the chance to pay him back before trying the hostile takeover. According to Top Rope Press, Dixie claims that Billy Corgan owns no actual interest in the company.

Whatever the truth is, the fact is that this is a huge mess for TNA Impact Wrestling, Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, and the wrestlers themselves. Matt Hardy worked hard to get this new gimmick over with the fans, and it is the most interesting thing TNA Impact Wrestling has done in years. Now, if this lawsuit keeps Total Nonstop Deletion from happening, it is the fans who are hurt.

[Featured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]