It’s Not A Lilly Pulitzer Sale, But New Lilly Pulitzer Emojis, And They’re Free

Is your emoji game a bit dull? Have you searched endlessly for a pink flamingo or a colorful lobster to brighten a friend’s day? Well, search no more, because Lilly Pulitzer is coming to your rescue with an assortment of emojis that will mentally transport you to palm beach. And even better, they are free for you to use as you wish.

While Kim Kardashian is recovering from being the victim of armed robbery in Paris and has now brought the world a crying Kim “Kimoji,” nobody rides for free in Kardashian land, says the Inquisitr. Kim Kardashian’s Kimojis are $1.99 at the App Store, and Blac Chyna has competing Chymojis also for $1.99, but it’s free to liven up your texting with Lilly Pulitzer emojis, especially in the cold winter months, where there are no palm trees in sight. Can other iconic designer emojis be far behind?


Town & Country shared the first batch of Lilly Pulitzer emojis with the world, and they are as awesome as one would imagine. Aviator sunglasses, tropical drinks, and bikinis, oh my! The folks at Lilly Pulitzer are eager to share the images of Palm Beach life with the world.

“The Palm Beach-inspired brand just launched a new line of vibrant ‘lillymojis’ that are perfect for everyone who’s ever bemoaned the lack of flamingos in the traditional emoji keyboard.”


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Of course, there are images of the traditional brightly colored shift dresses, but there are also lobsters and popsicles, along with pineapples (the Colonial symbol of welcome), and beach bags.

“The only thing you need to access the collection is the latest version of the Lilly Pulitzer app; it’s free for iOS users (though you’ll need to update to iOS 10 for the emojis to work). Once you’ve downloaded the app, activate the Lillymoji keyboard by creating a new text message, entering the App Store (it’s the third button that looks like an “A”) and adding the Lilly App from the store.”

With the Lilly Pulitzer app, you also get a store locator, dress of the week, and cool, splashy frames for your Instagram account.


And even though Lilly Pulitzer is thought of as a very traditional brand, they are blazing new trails in the 21st century. Lilly Pulitzer is branching into wallpaper by partnering with Lee Jofa. If you ever wanted prints on your resort wear splashed across your wall, get ready.

And they won’t be stopping there, as prints will also be available on fabric as the Lilly Pulitzer home decor brand expands for fans of the splashy prints to surround themselves with pink and green. Much of the wallpaper will be inspired by hand drawn artwork.

“The 13 prints are bright, colorful, and everything you’ve come to expect from the Lilly brand.”

Though Lilly Pulitzer throughout your house might be a bit much, Lilly in the bathroom or sunroom could really cheer anyone up on a gray day.


And if that wasn’t over the top enough, in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, Lilly Pulitzer is offering Lilly Pulitzer Island Cars. Yes, imagine your cute golf cart got the full Lilly treatment. And if you have $65k, one can be yours, with $5k of the cost going to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation. The island cars include long range batteries and Bose speakers.

Will you be checking out the Lilly Pulitzer emojis? Which is your favorite?

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]