Jim Bob Duggar Treats Daughters Like Possessions — ‘Counting On’ Dad Has Potential Suitors Fill Out Questionnaire

Tiffany Bailey - Author

Oct. 29 2016, Updated 9:26 a.m. ET

Jim Bob Duggar has rubbed people the wrong way since entering the realm of reality television. He is strict on his children and has what some would call radical Christian beliefs. Duggar and his wife, Michelle, have 19 children together, including two sets of twins. His third daughter just became engaged, and she will be the fourth child to get married.

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On the most recent episode of Counting On, it was revealed that Jim Bob Duggar gives potential suitors a questionnaire to fill out before they can marry his daughters. It wasn’t discussed if Anna had to fill one out prior to marrying Josh, but Derick, Ben, and Jeremy have all filled it out. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the 50-page questionnaire Jim Bob Duggar requires includes detailed financial information. Once the public caught wind of this, it was a free-for-all.

Fans weren’t terribly shocked to learn Jim Bob Duggar had a process in place for courting his daughters. Both Jill and Jessa ended up with men their father liked and some even say hand-picked for them.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been more challenging for the patriarch of the family. Their relaxed courting rules and sense of genuine love have Jim Bob reportedly going crazy. He has been able to control Jill and Jessa, but Jinger is putting her foot down. During Counting On, Jim Bob Duggar put Vuolo on the spot about his “meager” pastor salary and Jinger’s shopping habits. He also went on to insist the couple live in Arkansas instead of Texas. It was awkward at best.

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There has been a lot of chatter about how Jim Bob Duggar likes control. It is evident he wants his daughters close by, especially now that Jinger is getting married. Many critics have called out the family for their creepy ways while fans stand to support them, saying that the are just following their beliefs. The Duggar daughters don’t seem to mind, but Jinger is being firmer about her life after marriage. There have been rumors about the reason behind her quick wedding and move to Texas. She is very much a free spirit and wants to live her life without Jim Bob’s influence on it.

If Counting On gets a renewal, it will be interesting to see how Jim Bob will handle his other children when they begin courting. Fans are wondering how it will work with the boys, as much of that has not been shown on the show. Josh Duggar is the only married son, and he made some terrible choices over the last few years. In fact, his scandals almost cost the Duggar family everything. The boys hinted there may be a possible courtship for one of them, but nothing has been made public yet.

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Jana Duggar has been dubbed “Cinderella” by fans of Counting On. She is the oldest sister and also a twin. Jim Bob has not found a suitable man for her to court and while she appears happy, there are rumors that she is stuck being the caregiver to all the other children. Once Jinger ties the knot, her three younger sisters will have beaten Jana to the punch. Her father takes a special interest in all of his girls, but it is obvious that some are more valuable than others.

Jim Bob Duggar has a lot of rules many people don’t understand, but they are in place to preserve his daughters and their innocence. Critics are sitting around waiting for one of the children to fail with courting, but it appears that even when different rules are set, the Duggar girls have no issues following what Jim Bob wants.

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