Kim Zolciak And Kroy Biermann Sued! ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Stars Money Troubles Land Them In Court

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are facing legal trouble after failing to pay a former housekeeper.

Radar Online reports that a former employee is suing the Don’t Be Tardy stars for work completed back in 2015.

Will Zolciak and Biermann ever escape their money troubles?

“After several attempts to collect the money for the week I worked in Biermann’s residence as a housekeeper without any response, I decided to use this way,” the former employee stated. “I have bills waiting to be paid.”

The housekeeper is asking for $750 for a week’s worth of work she performed in April of last year. She is also requesting $100 extra for interest and $100 in transportation.

Zolciak responded that she already paid the housekeeper $725 and had a copy of the check as evidence.


A judge supported Zolciak’s claim but ruled that the reality star needed to dish out the extra $25 and needed to pay her own attorney fees. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Zolciak and the housekeeper were probably out money because they had to pay court costs associated with the case.

The lawsuit is one of many scandals Zolciak has faced in recent months.

Just last week, the reality star faced a lot of criticism after sharing a questionable image of her daughter on social media. Zolciak was trying to poke fun at those who think she’s had too much plastic surgery, but many fans believe she took things too far.

The photo featured Zolciak’s daughter with a scar on her nose. Zolciak playfully said that the scar is proof that her daughter already wants a nose job. Following a lot of backlash from fans, Zolciak removed the photo and hasn’t said anything about it since.

The photo was just one of many controversies Zolciak has faced this year. Last month, she faced rumors of an impending split with Biermann.

Biermann was cut this year from the Atlanta Falcons and later from the Buffalo Bills. With Biermann struggling to continue his career in the NFL, many suspected that their marriage would also suffer.

Zolciak combated divorce rumors by posting pictures of her and Biermann on social media.

More recently, Daily Mail reports that Kim Zolciak came under fire after gambling away $25,000 with Biermann at a casino. The couple ventured out to a casino in Montana where the pair tried their luck at the slots.

“I watched my husband shovel s**t, now it’s his turn to watch me just continue to play slots,” she said. “I love everything about gambling. I just love money, there just never seems to be enough for me though.”

Unfortunately, Zolciak’s luck didn’t hold up and she ended losing thousands of dollars over the weekend.

“I bet big to win big…but when you’re losing it definitely becomes more of a nuisance than anything, and then I start getting pi**ed,” she later admitted. “When I start losing I start losing my f***ing mind.”

Of course, Zolciak blamed Biermann for the bad luck.


“Horrible, I lost my a**,” she stated. “Had he let me stay later, and take out another line of credit, I probably would have won it all back.”

Apart from problems in her marriage, Zolciak also discussed the possibility of having more kids in the near future.

“We’ll see. We always talk bout, when Kroy’s finished in the NFL and I’m finished with TV, it would be nice to just have a baby, and enjoy it and not got back to work seven days after you have one,” she shared.

According to Us Magazine, Zolciak loves being a mother.

“I have Brielle with me here in L.A., but the other five are at home, ’cause they’re in school… and I really miss them,” she explained. “I’m like, ‘Kroy, are you sure you don’t want more?'”

The couple currently has six children, including Brielle, Ariana, Kroy Jr., Kash, and twins Kane and Kaia.

Brielle and Ariana are Zolciak’s from a previous marriage.

Although Zolciak likes the idea of having more kids, Daily Mail reports that six children is more than enough for the reality star.

“Six is enough,” she added. “Three and three is perfect. They’re healthy, and I don’t ever want to push the envelope.”

Despite her doubts, Zolciak has been visiting a reproductive clinic to chat about the possibility of freezing her eggs.

Lastly, the Don’t Be Tardy mom opened up about what makes her relationship with Biermann stand the test of time.

“Being invested, we’re in it,” she said. “It’s not work for us. I’m very attracted to him so that’s easy.”

She continued: “He’s really such an incredible husband. He cooks, he cleans, he helps me with my shoes, he’ll fix my wig, whatever – you name it, he does it.”

Fans can watch all of Kim Zolciak’s drama unfold when episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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