Drake, Taylor Swift Dating Rumors: How The ‘Views’ Rapper Truly Feels About Her

Drake genuinely cares for Taylor Swift, and he proved just that when he introduced the singer to his mother at his recent birthday party in West Hollywood, it has been revealed.

The rapper, who has become close friends with Swift over the last couple of months, has made it known that he definitely shares a bond with Taylor, which all started after Drake went to go and see one of Taylor’s “1989” concerts.

He loved the show so much that it didn’t take long for them to exchange numbers and stay in contact with one another.

Drake is said to have been overwhelmed with the rumors this past week, claiming that he’s secretly dating Taylor, and the fact that he introduced her to his mother somewhat made it seem as if he wanted his family’s approval of the romance, TMZ adds.

But according to Hollywood Life, this isn’t quite the case. Drake definitely likes being around Taylor Swift, but he considers her nothing more than a good friend — someone that knows how to light up a room just by their presence.

They’ve spoken so much in recent months, but it’s never been anything more than an innocent friendship between the two. While fans were surprised to see Taylor show up to Drake’s party, they clearly hadn’t been aware of the fact that the twosome have been communicating on a constant basis.

In fact, there’s even talks about a possible collaboration between the duo once Taylor Swift begins work on her next album, which is due for a release date sometime next year.

“Drake won’t dare tell anyone that Taylor [Swift] MADE his party!” Hollywood Life‘s sources allege. “The party was already lit without her, but her arrival ignited the fire. Drake likes her, as a friend, and he’s enamored by her fame.”

“He gets starstruck like a teenage girl going to see [Justin] Bieber whenever he’s in Taylor’s presence. She’s by the far the most famous woman he’s friends with. Life on Pluto probably knows who he is now because she made headlines by being at his party. She’s cool people and they’ve got some music in the pipeline coming ahead.”

On top of that, it’s only been three weeks since Drake and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna decided to part ways from each other once again. The two have shared an on-again, off-again romance since 2009, so there’s a big chance that they’ll reconcile, but just out of respect, Drake would definitely not jump into a new romance so soon after splitting with someone he still cares about.

Rihanna made it known that she would not show up to the birthday party — and it wasn’t because she didn’t want to come, it had to do with scheduling conflicts. The “Needed Me” singer has been busy filming her new movie, Ocean’s 8, with Anne Hathaway out in New York City, so there was no way she could’ve made it.

As for Drake and Taylor Swift, sources allege that the duo definitely plan on working on a couple of songs together in the months to come.

With Taylor’s own schedule being much more flexible these days, she’ll definitely have time to book a studio session with Drake, who won’t be going back on tour until next year.

All in all, Drake definitely cares for Taylor Swift, but in no way should fans think that they are going to start dating because the rapper simply doesn’t look at her in that way. He believes that they can be good friends and musical pals without having to date one another in order to have a strong bond between them.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]