‘Homeland’ Season 6 Trailer, Cast Members On Set, Spoilers And Release Date

Homeland Season 6 is based in New York and it may be the best season yet. The Showtime series returns soon with a release date of January 15, 2017, and there is a trailer. We see Carrie living in Brooklyn several months after the events in Berlin in Homeland Season 5. Peter Quinn is also going to be in New York and Carrie is going have a complicated relationship with him, as well as taking responsibility for her daughter.

Frannie Mathison is Carrie’s daughter with Nicholas Brody and some spoilers suggest that she will play a larger role in Homeland Season 6. Quinn will also be a completely different man due to his injuries from the gas attack in Berlin.

Carrie will be working for a foundation, which helps support Muslims that are being discriminated against. The sixth season will also feature a presidential election with a female president played by Elizabeth Marvel, who also plays Heather Dunbar in Netflix’s House of Cards, and takes place between election day and inauguration day.

According to IndieWire, Homeland producer Alex Gansa revealed that the fictional president will not be modeled after any specific elected or running presidential nominee.

“We kind of hedged our bets,” Gansa said. “Although she is a woman, she’s a little bit Hillary, a little bit Donald Trump and a little bit Bernie Sanders. Anything can happen.”

Saul and Carrie will continue to have a complicated relationship. Carrie will continue to work outside the CIA while Saul continues to dedicate himself to the organization that Carrie has become disillusioned from.

Claire Danes who plays Carrie spoke about her character’s complicated relationship with Saul.

“They have diverged,” Danes said. “There has been a split that they’ve been working on repairing over the course of the last couple of seasons to varying degrees of success. Saul has committed himself even more fully to the agency, and Carrie rejects some fundamental principles of it. That’s very difficult to reconcile, but they are so profoundly bonded. That’s something they’ll never be able to rid themselves of, but she’s matured to a very different place than he has.”

In a similar fashion to Carrie’s role in Berlin, she will maintain a relationship with Saul while investigating some terrorist activity as a sort of rogue agent.

Peter Quinn will be in therapy during Homeland Season 6. One of the reasons Carrie choose to relocate to New York was to be with Quinn. Therefore, their relationship may develop and we are likely to see a lot more of the on/off couple. Quinn will be out of action, but he will also show the audience what happens to causalities of war both physically and psychologically. While Quinn and Carrie bond over their troubled past, it is also a source of conflict between the two government agents.

The showrunner has also revealed that some old cast member may return. It has been a while since Carrie has been back in the United States. Therefore, we may run into some characters from previous seasons.


The trailer shows that Homeland Season 6 will continue to tackle the morality of how the United States handles terrorism and drone attacks. Only the last 15 seconds of the trailer shows new footage of the series, featuring the skyline of New York and Carrie saying, “I don’t know what is ahead, but all bets are off.”

The cryptic trailer doesn’t reveal much about the plot or any new cast members in the upcoming season.

Homeland Season 6 will premiere at Showtime on January 15, 2017.

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