WWE News: Main Event Star May Not Take Part In 'Survivor Series' At All -- Reason For His Absence Revealed

Ever since the superstar draft took place in WWE during the summer, the two shows have been quite separate and doing their own thing. There are Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live specific pay-per-views (PPVs), and they have their own sets of titles. Now, Survivor Series is coming up in late November and the two shows will battle it out for brand supremacy, but there is one main event star who won't be there.

Randy Orton is involved in a deep feud with The Wyatt Family and Kane at this moment on SmackDown Live. Many are wondering how that whole storyline is going to go as some things were quite confusing, but there's even more on the horizon.

According to Wrestling Inc., Randy Orton is going to be off of television for the Thanksgiving week and will very likely miss Survivor Series. The reason for his absence is not one of injury or sickness, but it's still an important one as his wife is due to give birth to their child very soon.

It was revealed back in May that the couple was going to have a baby girl and Orton's wife's due date is Nov. 22, 2016. It just so happens that this is two days after Survivor Series is set to take place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

As of this writing, Randy Orton is not scheduled for, or penciled in, to be a part of Survivor Series. The live event page shows that he is not listed as one of the "Featured Superstars" appearing at the PPV and it really isn't expected that he will be there.

For now, there are only four matches confirmed for Survivor Series with Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar as the big draw. The other three matches will be two traditional five-on-five elimination tag matches (male and female) and a 12-man tag team elimination match between SmackDown and Raw.

Featured superstars are always subject to change, but Orton is being given the time off to be with his family.

wwe news randy orton not at survivor series wife baby
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Randy Orton has been in a big-time feud with Bray Wyatt for the past few weeks and things took an interesting turn on SmackDown Live this week, as recapped by the official website of WWE.

Bray Wyatt was taking on Kane in a No Disqualification Match on Tuesday night and it included a lot of involvement from Luke Harper. Kane still got the upper hand and went to pin Wyatt, but the pin attempt was broken by up Randy Orton who ran into the ring.

As everyone in the ring looked on in shock, Orton nailed a vicious RKO on Kane and exited the ring. Bray Wyatt had a look of pure shock on his face as he crawled on top of Kane for the pin and no one quite knew exactly what to make about what had just transpired.

wwe news randy orton not at survivor series wife baby wyatt kane
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On Sunday, Hell in a Cell is a Raw-exclusive pay-per-view, so Orton and Wyatt won't have a chance to settle the score there. The next big PPV is Survivor Series and due to the birth of his baby, Orton likely won't be a part of it, but that event will be the two shows facing off anyway.

Orton is scheduled to appear on the last SmackDown Live before Survivor Series and it takes place on Nov. 15. He isn't scheduled for the PPV or the SmackDown Live on Nov. 22, but WWE does have him scheduled to return on Nov. 29.

Randy Orton has missed a great deal of time over the past year due to various injuries and he actually just returned to action a few months ago. He's been involved in a few different feuds and is currently involved with The Wyatt Family and Kane, but that may resolve itself soon. As of now, he won't be out long, but he is likely going to miss the Survivor Series. It's understandable, though, as who wouldn't want to be with their wife for the birth of their baby.

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