Joel McHale’s ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cameo Is Tonight, And It’s A Game-Changer

Joel McHale has been said to be making a guest appearance on the FX hit Sons of Anarchy for weeks now, and thanks to the Twitter page of creator Kurt Sutter, we know that we’ll see the comedian’s turn as a con man on tonight’s episode.

That’s right, tonight you’ll have to choose between the presidential debate and Sons, and despite how much you may care about the future of our country, the seediest role of McHale’s career thus far is an incredibly tempting proposition.

McHale is set to play a con-man named Warren, and is the latest surprising celebrity cameo to grace Sutter’s guest appearance-packed season five of Sons of Anarchy, which got the ball rolling with Ashley Tisdale and continued with the best cameo of all time last week, Walton Goggins as the transgender escort Venus Van Damme.

According to Warming Glow, the only things we know about McHale’s guest role thus far is that he’ll “get to shoot a gun; that he gets to run and shoot; and then jump over an embankment. ACTING!” It is also said that McHale’s appearance will “bring the whole series to a screeching halt.”

Kurt Sutter’s SutterInk Twitter also made a curious claim about McHale’s appearance on Sons of Anarchy (foul language warning):

Talking about his Sons of Anarchy appearance, McHale told TV Guide:

“He’s a little slicker. But he’s not necessarily brave. He’s a true con man in that he will try to get out of everything. On a scale of thieves, Warren would be way on the douchebag side. Whereas Robin Hood would be on the ‘Eh, I can bring that guy home and meet the parents’ end.”

He also hinted that his story arc involves Katey Sagal’s Gemma quite a lot:

“I will say that he has a lot of interaction with her.”

Per central time, the presidential debate begins at 8pm while Sons of Anarchy starts at 9pm. There are no closing statements for President Barack Obama or his GOP opponent Mitt Romney this time around, so we’re giving you our blessing to skip the last half hour in favor of seeing Joel McHale on Sons.

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