Brittany Perille Yobe: Pregnant Fitness Blogger Banned From Instagram For Being Nude?

Brittany Perille Yobe was temporarily banned from Instagram. The now pregnant fitness blogger’s account was shut down due to “nudity,” but she never poses or works out nude on the social media app. She usually posts photos and videos of herself working out, but she’s always covered up.

Perille is expecting her first child in February, according to Cosmopolitan. After she took a break from her workouts due to morning sickness, she has since returned to Instagram to post a video featuring her doing one of her weight-lifting routines. However, it was too much for some of her followers, who didn’t like seeing her pregnant belly on display.

Fitness trainer Perille found her Instagram account locked down for “nudity” after she shared a new workout video, reports People. It seems like many of her followers were unhappy to see her pregnancy body on display in her skimpy workout attire. Despite the fact that Perille wore a sports bra and a pair of leggings in her video, it was up for less than 24 hours before she realized her entire account was temporarily disabled.

“I have posted tons of exercise videos working out in a public gym wearing athletic sports bras and yoga pants, but this time it was different,” Perille told the outlet. “This video was the first video – I had yet to share my new body, my mommy-to-be body. This video showcased my new baby bump where my washboard abs used to be. I guess my six-month belly was too much for Instagram to handle.”

The 27-year-old fitness aficionado currently has almost 1 million Instagram followers. She said that she was both “confused and shocked” to see her account locked down.

“I couldn’t believe I was shut down for posting a bare belly pregnancy video. I don’t understand how my video was seen as violating Instagram’s community guidelines of no ‘nudity.'”

Perille did have one of her pre-pregnancy photos removed back in April, but this is the first time that her account has been suspended. She was never warned that repeating the same violation would result in a permanent ban from the social media app. Since she first announced her pregnancy, she has been getting a lot more body shaming comments from her own followers.

“Pre-pregnancy I hadn’t received many comments of body shaming besides a couple Instagram users who have stated I am ‘too muscular’ or ‘too shredded,’ which I am more than positive came from people who just enjoy arguing behind a phone or computer screen,” she explained. “Now, being six months pregnant, I have received a handful of comments stating I am ‘too big,’ ‘too pregnant’ and ‘too out of shape’ to be posting bare belly pics and workout videos.”

Brittany Perille has built a brand and following on Instagram, showing her followers how to get her tight abs and ample booty. Some have argued that her booty workouts and butt selfies are way more sexually suggestive than her pregnancy workouts, reports Us Weekly. Perille only believes that she was using her brand to help empower women and inspire them to be their best selves. Now, she’s back on the social media, but says that the temporary suspension has impacted her business as well as her paid endorsements with health and fitness companies.

“Almost all traffic to my website and sales of my Glute Guides has been from my Instagram,” she added. “Being told by Instagram [that] my account has been ‘permanently deactivated’ had cost me my sponsorship with Legion Athletic Supplement Company and also halted the online sales of my program.”

Brittany has become well known as one of Instagram’s “butt queens.” She also posts photos of herself in barely-there bikinis when she’s not working out at the gym. Now, Brittany will have to rebuild her brand all over again on her backup Instagram account.

[Featured Image by Brittany Perille Yobe/Instagram]

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