BLACKPINK K-Pop Comeback: YG Entertainment Rookie Girl Group Reveals Second Title Track ‘Stay’ In Casual Image Teasers

Black Pink continues to keep the hype fresh with their first K-pop comeback dropping first thing this coming November. The YG Entertainment or YG Family rookie K-pop girl group made a major impact back in August with their K-pop debut extended play (EP), a mini-album titled Square One, which featured two title tracks, “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” Though their debut was a little over two months ago, Black Pink is looking forward with Square Two. They just recently started dropping teasers to help build hype. Initially, Black Pink released only two images of two of their members, Jennie and Lisa, in a vehicle of some kind. The teasers also revealed their title track “Playing With Fire,” which were verified yet again in similar image teasers of Jisoo and Rose released one day later.

Now Black Pink has released even more teasers to build the hype of their upcoming release Square Two. This time, all four members are featured in a casual set of photos. More importantly, they reveal the second title track, “Stay.”

Black Pink released their D-5 (an acronym meaning just five more days until Black Pink releases Square Two) teasers, well, five days before their K-pop comeback. According to AllKpop, Black Pink released four image teasers showcasing each member — Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose — in a “casual” style and pose. Apparently, that may be the theme of Black Pink’s second title track off of Square Two, “Stay.”

As K-pop fans can see from the four teaser images provided in the gallery above, they contrast the vibrant red atmosphere expressed in the teasers Black Pink first released featuring their first title track “Playing With Fire.” They are simple, pure, and bright. Ergo, K-pop fans can expect the title tracks, “Playing With Fire” and “Stay,” to be contrasting concepts featuring a different style which may include different expression and different melodies, as reported by Soompi.

The fact that Black Pink is releasing two featured title tracks with their K-pop comeback is an indicator that their entertainment company and agency, YG Entertainment, will most likely continue the two title track concept for them. For those who do not know, Black Pink is the first K-pop act, either it be a boy band, girl group, or soloist, to release two title tracks simultaneously for their album releases. It was even more surprising YG Entertainment incorporated such a move for a debuting K-pop act, especially a girl group. Despite the popularity of many K-pop girl groups, the numbers show they generally do not deliver as much as boy bands. All anyone has to do is simply look at the disparaging difference in sales between SM Entertainment’s most popular boy band (EXO) to their most popular girl group (Girls’ Generation) to understand the divide.

In five days, Black Pink will make their K-pop comeback on Tuesday, November 1, with the release of their new mini-album Square Two featuring their new title tracks “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.” Details of said upcoming mini-album are non-existent for the time being, but it is believed there will be a standard edition and a special edition.

[Featured Image by BLACKPINK/Facebook]