Brielle Biermann Still Under Kim Zolciak’s Control: Why She Isn’t Learning About Responsibility

Brielle Biermann is the oldest daughter of Kim Zolciak, and she has been legally adopted by Kroy Biermann. On Don’t Be Tardy, Brielle had graduated high school, and she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Last year, Biermann tried hosting entertainment news with the help of Giuliana Rancic. And while Kim was thrilled for her daughter, it sounds like the experience was short-lived. Brielle didn’t get a job offer, and she didn’t go to college to get a degree in television.

According to a new tweet, Brielle Biermann revealed that Kim and Kroy are keeping a very tight leash on their daughter. Of course, she’s legally an adult, and Kroy has legally adopted her as his child, but Kim and her husband are not really allowing her any responsibility. In fact, she doesn’t even have her own phone plan, meaning Kim and her husband can shut down her phone and her data whenever they want.

“My dad just turned my data off bc i hung up on him in the middle of the conversation… L M A O,” Brielle Biermann revealed on Twitter, sharing the news that she wasn’t even on her own phone plan, and she probably doesn’t pay for her phone bill.

“Girlfriend you are grown. Time to get your own plan.. L M A O,” one person replied to Brielle, hinting that it’s time to grow up and get her own phone plan, to which Biermann added, “I tried! My parents won’t authorize it for me to get off their account!!!!”

It is surprising that Biermann isn’t paying for her own phone bill, and she doesn’t have her own plan. And it is surprising that Kroy is shutting down her data when she acts out of order. One can imagine that many adults are paying for their own phone bills. It is possible that Kim and her husband want to protect her by keeping her on a family plan, and if she hangs up on her father when she doesn’t like what he’s saying to her, it makes sense for them to act.


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In fact, some people completely agreed with her father, saying that he should totally cut her off if she hangs up on him as she’s not showing him any respect. One person even pointed out that Kroy has given the family so much with financial security from his NFL job and by assuming the father role that Brielle Biermann was lacking. Maybe, it is time for her to grow up and show him some respect.

“Sounds like he’s trying to teach you some morals….it’s called RESPECT!!!!” one person replied to Brielle, sharing that she should never hang up on her father, who was trying to teach her a lesson, while another person added, “not nice to hang up on Kroy, he had been so kind to you.”

“Good for him. You should praise him everyday he’s a good dad,” one person added to the conversation based on what fans have seen on Don’t Be Tardy.

Even though Kroy isn’t her biological father, it sounds like he’s getting plenty of support. Even though Brielle Biermann wants to gain sympathy with her tweets, it doesn’t sound like it’s working.

What do you think of Brielle Biermann’s telling tweet? Do you think she should get her own plan and learn how to pay her bills or do you think it makes sense for Kroy and Kim to keep her on their plan until she gets her life together and perhaps starts an education?

[Featured Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Sherri Hill]