Leah Messer Admits She Hates Filming ‘Teen Mom’: ‘I Want To Be An Example’

Leah Messer has been filming Teen Mom 2 for quite some time, and fans of the show have seen the good, bad and horrible in her life. It’s no secret that Leah has tried to get back on her feet a couple of times, especially after her two divorces. Messer currently has three daughters with two men, and it sounds like she could be dating to find a new man in her life. While she may not be eager to have more children, she could be looking for a life partner, who has her back when things get tough. And while Leah is almost back on her feet in a brand new house, it sounds like she’s not always happy when the Teen Mom cameras are back.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she both loves and hates her life when the Teen Mom cameras are around. Messer is currently filming the new season, which will air on MTV next year. And while fans are excited about the new season, Leah admits that she hates filming the show as she lets the whole world into her world and they are openly criticizing everything that she has to offer.

“This is my life. Sometimes I hate it, and other times I love it! At the end of the day I may not be perfect, but all I want to be is an example for each one of you!” Leah Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of the cameras in her front window in her car.

Of course, the Teen Mom stars are filmed at home, in their cars and even during therapy sessions. They don’t have much privacy, and since Messer has gone through various issues over the past couple of years, including anxiety and depression, it has been rough for her to open up on national television. So when people write to her that it’s easy money to film Teen Mom, others feel the need to defend her as it hasn’t always been easy for Messer.


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“I love the way people say don’t complain it’s easy money. Its not easy money as your whole life is spread over papers and shows, the break ups the arguments, the illnesses. She has gone to hell and back all for making a living. Well done on you girl I was a teen mum and my youngest has just turned 17years old and I have gone through depression anxiety and a break down and it was hard enough with my family around so I have no idea how hard it might have been with the world seeing it. Stay real to your self ignore the haters and do what u want to do and don’t do what others tell u too. Hope you and kids are all ok,” one fan wrote to Leah Messer’s comment, sharing that she understands why Leah hates filming the show once in a while.

Messer knows that the fame won’t last forever and she knows that MTV will one day pull the plug on the show, unless some of the girls decide that they don’t want to film anymore. Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry have both talked about possibly leaving the show behind to get some privacy and raise their children out of the spotlight.

“Yeah but you get paid good money for that life… and you don’t deserve it anymore cuz you’re not a Teen Mom,” one person wrote to Leah, saying that she should essentially enjoy the fame while it lasts because it will probably end sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Leah Messer both loving and hating her role on Teen Mom?

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]