Rebel Wilson Fights Defamation Lawsuit After Calling The Wrong Journalist ‘Total Scum,’ ‘Disgrace’ For Interviewing Her Grandmother

Rebel Wilson is being sued for $2 million of damages for mentioning the wrong person on Twitter, according to News Australia. The 36-year-old Pitch Perfect actress made a huge mistake earlier this year, and now she is being sued for defamation.

Rebel Wilson is learning to check her facts before tweeting the hard way. An Australian journalist is suing the actress for defamation. It all started in February this year when a reporter named Elizabeth Wilson went to the actress’s grandmother’s house to interview her.

But when Rebel Wilson found out about it, she was furious because, according to her words, her grandma is sick. So the actress took to Twitter to slam the journalist, calling Elizabeth Wilson “total scum” and “a disgrace.”

But the problem with that tweet was that Rebel Wilson posted a headshot of the wrongfully-accused Elizabeth Wilson, which the actress found on her LinkedIn account. The actress posted the picture of the wrong Elizabeth Wilson, who works as a journalist for another magazine.

Rebel Wilson, who has more than 2.5 million followers on Twitter, has done a great deal of damage to the innocent Elizabeth Wilson, with the journalist claiming she had received tons of hatred comments on Twitter and was a victim of cyber bullying.

So, naturally, Elizabeth Wilson filed a lawsuit to sue Rebel Wilson for aggravated damages. But the Pitch Perfect actress is not giving up so soon and claims that only an insignificant portion of her Twitter followers live in Australia and added that she had edited the tweets within three hours after posting them.

But Elizabeth claims it took Rebel Wilson a couple of days to correct the tweets and says she has never got an apology from the celebrity actress. In her statement to the court, the journalist claims Rebel Wilson called her a “low, despicable, and worthless person” who “repeatedly harasses people.”

Shortly after the incident, the Daily Telegraph managed to get in touch with the journalist who actually visited Rebel Wilson’s grandmother. And the not-so-innocent Elizabeth Wilson said the actress’s grandma was happy to have a chat about her granddaughter.

If Rebel Wilson loses the defamation suit, she could be ordered to pay $2 million to cover damages.

And if it wasn’t enough, Rebel Wilson has also received numerous death threats lately, according to another News Australia article. The actress has recently taken to her Instagram account to announce that the FBI is currently investigating the death threats.

Rebel Wilson said that her comments section on Instagram was temporarily closed because the FBI is investigating the death threats, but the comments section has since been reopened.

The Pitch Perfect actress is famous for posting harsh comments about her fans via Instagram, so it may not be so surprising that she has received negative comments in return. However, most people seem to agree that receiving death threats is completely inappropriate.

#Florence ???????? (ps the people here are so nice and friendly!)

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Just recently, the actress criticized one of her fans for liking “bikini-clad” females instead of falling for smart Australian girls. Many of her followers, who weren’t happy with Rebel Wilson’s opinion, criticized the actress. In fact, Wilson was a victim of death threats when she decided to hug the One Direction star, Harry Styles. The death threats primarily came from young girls who got a little too jealous.
But even if such a seemingly innocent gesture attracts so much hatred from Rebel Wilson’s fans, what can she expect when she publicly slams her followers in her tweets and comment section on Instagram?

Rebel Wilson recently confirmed that she is attached to Pitch Perfect 3, which is expected to hit theaters next year. Apart from Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, and Hailee Steinfeld have all returned for the third installment of the comedy film.

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