The Legend Of Tom Hanks: Actor, Humanitarian, And Wedding Crasher

Tom Hanks can only be described as a perfectionist: a brilliant, flawless actor. Perhaps this is partly because his on-screen characters often have personalities, convictions, and beliefs in line with the actor’s own. Recently, the Oscar-winning actor played the starring role of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger in Clint Eastwood’s Sully, the calm and composed pilot who saved the lives of 155 passengers by landing his damaged plane in the Hudson River.

Like Captain Sullenberger, Tom Hanks, the consummate actor, is a man who always carries himself in a calm and composed manner. The back-to-back Oscar winner has played some of this generation’s most memorable movie characters, such as Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, Captain John Miller in Saving Private Ryan, and the title character in Forrest Gump. Andrew Beckett, the actor’s character in Philadelphia, was depicted as a brilliant HIV-positive lawyer, fighting to the end for his rights.

Tom Hanks has received two Academy Awards in the Best Actor category: the first for his role in Philadelphia and the second for Forrest Gump.

In real life, Tom Hanks has teamed with Bid 2 Beat AIDS, a charity organization raising funds to educate youth about HIV/AIDS. Tom Hanks’ real-life role as a veteran advocate is reminiscent of his on-screen military characters like Captain John Miller and Forrest Gump. The veteran actor has worked incredibly hard to improve military welfare by ensuring that their medical and financial needs are taken care of by the government.

Robert Langdon, the fictional symbologist, is yet another strong character brilliantly played by the actor in The Da Vinci Code. Of all the characters this perfectionist actor has played, Robert Langdon is possibly the one character that appears to hold beliefs contradictory to the actors, because Tom Hanks is very religious, while Robert Langdon has serious doubts about his faith in God. Audiences are now enjoying seeing Tom Hanks reprising his role of Robert Langdon in Inferno, the latest movie in which Robert Langdon tries desperately to stop a worldwide plague.

Apart from being a talented actor, Tom Hanks is a celebrity who is considered by almost everyone who comes in contact with him to be kind, friendly, and egoless. His Inferno co-stars bear testament to the actor’s humble and down-to-earth nature. Felicity Jones, Tom Hanks’ co-star in Inferno, revealed to the Telegraph that the popular 60-year-old seasoned actor is one of those rare famous people who’ve never been carried away by popularity and success.

“I felt totally embraced by him. He is so unegotistical – he hasn’t been in any way corrupted by fame.”

Tom Hank’s calm and friendly nature became evident while promoting Inferno in Singapore when he playfully complimented Irrfan Khan, the Indian actor and his co-star, for being the coolest person at the event. According to News 18, the actor revealed his admiration for Irrfan Khan by expressing his desire to be as cool as the Indian actor.

“I’m going to wear very nice suits. And I will draw out the last sound of every sentence that I say. And by doing that, I will be doing a very pale imitation of the coolest guy in the room.”

Underneath Tom Hanks’ calm exterior lies a man who still harbors painful memories of an unsettled childhood spent in a broken home. He later re-experienced his traumatic childhood events when he divorced Samantha Lewes, his first wife. At the time, the Sleepless in Seattle actor revealed that his personal life has never been as stable as his professional life. However, Tom Hanks has refused to let painful memories hold him back, and today he thoroughly enjoys both his business and personal life. In 1996, he took his first step behind a camera, directing, writing, and starring in That Thing You Do!

The You’ve Got Mail actor is always looking for opportunities to stay in an upbeat mood. News Australia reports that Hanks recently enjoyed an unexpected but happy moment by crashing into the photo shoot of a newlywed couple.

Tom Hanks not only astounded everyone with his surprise entry, but he also won admiration for his sincerity when he congratulated and blessed the couple on his social media page.

[Featured Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]