‘This Is Us’ Stars Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz Talk Huge Revelation About Jack [Spoilers]

This is Us has shocked people, made them laugh and cry and all with such realness and heart. Fans can’t help but fall in love with the characters on this new hit drama. The show goes between past and present day and while all the other characters have been shown in the present, Jack has been missing. The wait to find out where Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, has been is finally over. This was the biggest question of the premiere season of This is Us so far. After last night’s gut-wrenching episode, fans now know that Jack is dead. Now the speculation begins once again with fans wanting to know how and when Jack dies.

The huge revelation came when Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, told Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, that he wanted to meet her father someday. Kate told him okay and went and got an urn off the mantel. In the conversation between Kate and Toby, fans learn that she watched the Steelers play in 2006 with her dad and they won the Superbowl. This could mean it was the first time Kate watched the game with her father in the urn or hopefully this means Jack lived until at least 2006. As much as fans have fallen in love with the 1980s couple, Jack and Rebecca, it is hard to know he is already gone.

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Ventimiglia about Jack and his demise. Milo said what happens to his character Jack is a “pretty big answer.” Ventimiglia said, “Now comes all the questions, now comes all the speculation.” Milo admitted that he, like his co-stars, has gotten emotional watching the show too. Milo said, “It’s really moving television and it’s not because I know these characters, but in the assembly of these episodes, they’ve done a really incredible job of making people feel.” Ventimiglia even admitted he cried three times during the episode “The Game Plan.”

So when and what did happen to Milo’s character? Ventimiglia would not give up very much inside info. When asked if fans should focus on the year 2006, Milo said, “I know everybody’s talking about 2006. You know what? Don’t worry about it! All you have to know is Jack is not around in the present day and wherever he is, he is on Kate’s mantle wearing a Steelers hat.” While Milo wouldn’t give up any specific details, he did admit to knowing exactly what happens to beloved Jack.

When Ventimiglia was asked what scene was the most emotional for him, Milo says there is a scene coming up that he can’t discuss yet. Ventimiglia says, “Jack has one coming up that’s kind of a gut-punch, sorry, more like a punch to the heart — not a gut-punch. It rips him up.” Could it be something to do with best friend Miguel, wife Rebecca, or one of his kids. Time will tell. Milo does hint that there’s much more to be discovered still of “not only Jack and Rebecca, but Jack himself and Rebecca herself, Kevin, Kate and Randall.”

Entertainment Weekly also spoke to Milo about Jack’s fate. Ventimiglia revealed it is a relief that the world finally knows that Jack is dead. Milo said it is also bittersweet because he will never be with his kids in the present day. When asked about hinting as to how Jack dies, Milo says, “I would urge people to not worry too much about how and when, and just accept that Jack has limited time, and know that every moment he has with his kids, with his wife, is going to be the most important thing to him.” Ventimiglia was asked if he approved of how creator Dan Fogelman chose to end Jack’s life. Milo said, “I think he absolutely hit the mark with where Jack ultimately does meet his end.”

Hints from previous episodes indicate that perhaps like William, Jack had cancer. In a previous scene fans see Rebecca telling William that Randall would put healing him above everything else in life and he better be worth it. This hinted that perhaps Randall has been down this road before. Of course right now all of this is just speculation. Mandy Moore told E! News,“Before the end of the season, we’ll have a greater idea of what happened.”

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Chrissy Metz as well regarding Episode 5 of This is Us. Metz admitted she does not have a relationship with her real father, so filming the scene revealing Jack in the urn was a challenge for her. Metz said to Ventimiglia, “It’s honestly emotional and overwhelming because I’ve never had that, that I really do feel that connection to you. As Chrissy and as Kate.”

Aside from learning that Jack was indeed dead, fans saw the first flash forward into the future. Nobody knows how far into the future it was, but viewers saw Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, packing up William’s belongings as if he had passed away. Fans know William is on limited time, but nobody knows when he will pass away. Perhaps this means it’s not too far off in the future.

What did you think of the revelation that Jack had passed away? What do you think happened to him? In the upcoming episode titled “Career Day,” fans will learn exactly what it is Jack does for a living. Don’t miss all new episodes of This is Us Tuesday nights on NBC.

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